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The AIMS Theory of Change-Advancing Africa into the 21st Century

Advancing Africa INTO THE 21ST CENTURY By Revolutionizing Mathematical Sciences Training and Research L=2 JTR >R 96=(b9+9b) C=c+V* mu 'rua)/c? (1- u? /c?) 312 Math is the foundation of today's technologically driven world F= and a country that doesn't have VA-u?/40% 85% 1/3 Don't have electricity Don't have Live on less internet access than $1 a day AIMS'THEORY OF CHANGE THE SOLUTION: AIMS believes in the power of mathematical sciences to transform Africa's future and ensure its participation in the global knowledge economy. F=x 5={at AIMS' SCIENTIFIC SOCIO-ECONOMIC EQUATION E = mc {If} investment in mathematical sciences in Africa is made {Then} Africa will be on the fastest route to technological and socio-economic growth and prosperity HOW DOES IT WORK? 0. 2H. -0, →2 H.Q Не ок" CH; OH 0, Ph RESEARCH PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Promotion of positive perceptions of mathematical sciences and its applications in solving everyday societal challenges Provide the resources necessary for practical research in mathematical sciences and development priority areas TRAINING PARTNERSHIPS Provide high quality postgraduate mathematical sciences training that will equip the next generation of technological innovators and entrepreneurs Between CIVIL SOCIETY ACADEMIA INDUS TRY GOVERNMENT so job opportunities, innovation and policy translate into improved quality of life TO SUCCEED, WE NEED CONDUCIVE SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT ONGOING SUPPORT AND PARTNERSHIPS Government accountability that fosters innovation, investment, job creation and growth for all segments of the population Educational resources from the world's best universities and global investment in R&D THE RESULT Rapid Economic Growth that Exponentially Improves Africans' Quality of Life LJ 2H. -0,-→2 H.O For Example: Technological innovations brought from drawing board to market More jobs for an educated, skilled workforce Gender equity with women Expanded internet access for a higher quality of life Access to financial services for business loans having equal opportunities SOURCES * Originally sourced from Human Development Report, 1980 – 2012, United Nations Development Programme. ** Originally sourced from the World Development Indicators (W DI), July 2014 1. "Energy - The Facts." The World Bank 2. "Internet Usage Statistics for Africa." 3. "Millennium Villages Project." AIMSI African Institute for Mathematical Sciences NEXT EINSTEIN INITIATIVE ------...-------. ||

The AIMS Theory of Change-Advancing Africa into the 21st Century

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Advancing Africa into the 21st century,by revolutionizing mathematical sciences training and research.


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