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Advantages of Attending an International School in Shanghai

oSL=1 Advantages of Attending an International School a in Shanghai Multiple Languages, Multiple Success 60% of the children in the world are raised to speak two languages. By attending an intenational school, children will be 4% a part of this more diverse and articulate percentile. 9% 20% 31% In today's business world 31 percent of executives speak two languages, an additional 20 percent speak three languages, 9 percent speak four languages and 4 percent speak more than four. In acquiring more languages, children 36% have a greater chance of starting towards a more esteemed career path. Teacher Knows Best International schools fuel their high calibre education by providing teachers that are highly qualified and diverse. As many international schools encourage a App globally minded student body, they ensure that they hire teachers that will encourage this style of environment. Nurturing As a unit, the average International Baccalaureate teacher profile has Dev nurturing as its dominant perspective, with apprenticeship and development equalling standing in second place. International schools usually incorporate either the International Baccalaureate or National Curriculum for England into their curriculum, as they are the two most common and prestigious international curriculums in the world. However it's important to note that the schools must also incorporate curricular aspects of the country of origin. This way there are aspects of local culture that reach the student's learning process. Different is Better Teaching children about diversity is important, as it breeds compassion, understanding and an adaptable nature. In this modern globalised world these are some of the most important traits for children to have. "Virtually every major issue people face-from global warming to "You can learn from different "It's better with different terrorism-has an international cultures; people think differently and that's a good thing." - you get to learn from others." dimension" The reputation that an international school acquires is also based on their curriculum and special offerings. However if they do follow the International Baccalaureate, here are some reputable facts: 40% 1,925 universities recognize the International Baccalaureate worldwide +IB=50% more likely to attend a four-year college It is supported by UNESCO and the countries of Germany, Japan, and Norway. more likely to attend International Group of children Baccalaureate a more selective college Worldwide Reputation Extra-Curricular Activities When children engage in extra-curricular activities it helps to nurtures creativity, imagination, strategies for problem solving and the expansion of a child's critical divergent thought process. Children who participated in extra-curricular activities had fewer behavioral issues than those who did not. These results suggest that children benefit from participating in two or more activities for 80-90 minutes per week. How Will You Feel? When a child attends an international school, parents can be sure that they are receiving a top tier education which is paired with an inclusive, diverse environment. In knowing this, parents tend to worry less about the success and growth of their child. This means you will be feeling a lot more relieved about the future. Yew Chung International School of Shanghai offers all of the advantages that an international school has to offer with even more added bonuses. To learn more: Sponsored By YCIS China Qingdao ecfing USA A leading International YCIS School with campuses in Silicon China, Hong Kong and the USA. YCIS Valley Shanghai Hong Kong Chongqing focuses on providing a balanced education that uses bilingual education in English and Chinese at the core of its curriculum. Beijing Shanghai E-mail: E-mail: Phone: (8610) 8583 3731 Phone: (8621) 6219 5910 ext 222 Curriculum

Advantages of Attending an International School in Shanghai

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As Shanghai has become one of the most important cities for international business, the number of expat families relocating to this Chinese super-city has increased. With this increase, the schooling ...


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