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Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching

ADOPTION RATES OF NEW STYLES OF K-12 TEACHING e enterasys Secure Networks ENTERASYS CONDUCTED THE 2012 K-12 STYLES OF LEARNING SURVEY TO UNDERSTAND HOW QUICKLY K-12 SCHOOLS ARE MOVING TO NEW STYLES OF LEARNING AND HOW WELL THEIR NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE CAN ACCOMMODATE THE MOVE. THE RESPONSES ARE PRESENTED BELOW. Do You Use Digital Text Books at Your School? Currently use digital textbooks 37% 리 0 % Plan to use within 3 - 12 months 42.5% No plans to move to digital textbooks More than say they plan to move to ONLY DIĞITAL TEXTBOOKS within the near future (1-5 years)? 36.5% With your Current network infrastructure, can you move to digital textbooks? Yes, easily 26.3% Possibly or with difficulty 3.7% You Tube How Well Does Your Network Infrastructure Handle Tube VIDEO CONTENT You Tube You Tube You Tube Yoц 8 Tube In the Classoom? You Tube You Tube Inadequate even for our current and short term needs You 8 Tube Yоц Tube Tuu Tube Adequate for forseeable future Not sure As part of your CIPA and FCC Order 11-125 related activities, do you currently monitor student network and Internet access? FCC Order 11-125 specifies that Internet safety policies must ".include monitoring the online activities of minors.." Can monitor online activities: 84% Not yet capable of monitoring student activities: 7% Don't know: 9% BUT: With your current network infrastructure, can you customize each student's network access based on factors like their grade level? Not possible or with difficulty Don't know 27% 16% Who uses OHLINE ASSESSMENT AAAAAAAA F Currently use online assessments School School School School School School School Scho Plan to use within 3 - 12 months No plans to use online assessment School Scho Schools that plan to exclusively use online assessment for testing within 5 years: 46% 15% With your current infrastructure, can you move to online assessment? Not possible or with difficulty FLIPPED Is your school planning to adopt some usage of the 43% CLASSROOM model? Currently use or plan to try the Flipped Classroom model. In the next five years, 13% of respondents plan to COMPLETELY ADOPT the flipped classroom model. could With your current network infrastructure, you move to the flipped classroom mode? 14.1% Not possible 38.9% 12.8% 34.2% Yes Possibly Don't Know Social Media 33% When will 18% be used in classrooms for teaching purposes? Within Currently using 3 - 12 months Which social media platforms are you planning to use in your school? Su Gaggle 9% StumbleUpon Twitter Google+ 32% Facebook Pinterest Edmodo 20% Schoology 2% 26% 30% 4% FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT ENTERASYS.cOM/K12 Б0

Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching

shared by JimMacLeod on Dec 11
Migration to new styles of teaching and the digital classroom is speeding up at the K-12 level, but could be held back by the lack of a capable network infrastructure. Enterasys Networks conducted a s...


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