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The ABCs of Resilience: Bouncing Back from Defeat (GoZen!)

why ONe Kid Gives Up while Another ONe BOUNces Back THE ABCS OF RESILIENCE BROUGHT TO YOU BY Gonl Anxiety Relief Programs for Kids Lisa and Jenny face the same Adversity. RESULT FAIL FAIL Lisa Jеппy their 8Th th grade Math Test UpOn hearing the News, they share similar emotions: Disappointment Anger Fear Embarrassment Sadness But after a few days, they diverge.. Lisa picks herself up. Jenny falls into a slump. Lisa finds a tutor. Jenny loses focus. (x)'3-(x)1-(x)g (x)'1 ((x)1 (x)*g (x)3, 0 200 0 nia S = S nia 2,30l -d 30l = 301 =I+»*g!> ю *піе Lisa makes an effort. Jenny stops trying. Math Lisa feels hopeful. Jenny feels hopeless. What's the difference bet ween Lisa and Jenny? Why did they have different Consequences to the same Adversity? tai 24 Genetic Childhood Lack of Lack of disposition experiences opportunity wealth While these factors may have impact, according to research. The 1 factor influencing one's resilience is cognitive style In other words, the way we THINK about adversity matters. Debunking a myth... MYTH: AN ADVERSITY LEADS DIRECTLY TO A CONSEQUENCE If this were true, everyone would experience the same consequences to every adversity in life. This is clearly not true. Remember.. Lisa did this.. Jenny did this... RESULT RESULT Adversity (Failed a test) Adversity (Falled a test) FAIL FAIL Consequence (BOUNCED BACK) Consequence (GAVE UP) (x)'3-(x)ì-(x)g-(x)'1 (x)1 (x) , J0 200 0 nia S = pS nie 2gol -d gol = (x)°g -a 광 이 - = I+»^g!» oSnia How can we explain why one kid gave up while another bounced back? The ABCS of Resilience .C BETWEEN THE A AND C LIES THE CRUCIAL LETTER B Landmark research from the field of cognitive behavioral therapy reveais Beliefs drive resilience C ADVERSITY BELIEFS CONSEQUENCES or AN ADVERSITY TRIGGERS BELIEFS TRIGGERS CONSEQUENCES The Reality Every reaction we have to an adversity in our life is not a result of the adversity itself, but rather the way we think about it. Thoughts Matter. "If I get a tutor and work hard, I can improve. "Nothing I do will make any difference." Thoughts form beliefs and beliefs drive our ability to bounce back from challenges. Unfortunately, thoughts can be WRONG! THOUGHTS ARE FORMED BY THE INFORMATION AROUND US. did you know ? The subconscious mind 12 million bits of information can take an astounding in a mere seconds! .our conscious mind filters this down and pays attention to only about To avoid sensory overload... of those bits! THIS IS A MENTAL SHORTCUT. Shortcuts keep us sane by preventing sensory overload. Shortcuts help us judge situations quickly. Shortcuts also, however. leave us vulnerable to errors in perception. We create our own reality. We create our own reality by that to which we give attention. I create my reality. I create my reality. 1= Because we perceive reality based on a tiny siver of information. we are susceptible to thinking errors or what researchers call cognitive distortions. The Top 8 Distortions of Reality: Jumping to onclusions judging a situation based on assumptions as opposed to definitive facts Mental filtering paying attention to the negative details in a situation while ignoring the positive Magnifying magnifying negative aspects in a situation Minimizing minimizing positive aspects in a situation Personalizing assuming the blame for problems even when you are not primarily responsible Externalizing pushing the blame for problems onto others even when you are primarily responsible Overgeneralizing concluding that one badincident will lead to a repeated pattern of defeat Emotional reasoning assuming your negative emotions translate into reality, or confusing feelings with facts How could all this information have helped Jenny? Jenny could have learned the skill of resilience. YES, RESILIENCE IS A SKILL ! There are many tools one can use to learn resilience. Here is just one Boost Resilience with the GoZen! 3C Method: CATCH YOUR THOUGHTS COLLECT EVIDENCE CHALLENGE YOURSELF What thoughts are going through your head when you face an adversity? Have a debate with yourself. Self-disputation increases accurate thirking Be a detective and collect evidence supporting or negating your thoughts. and resilience. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." William James For more tools to boost resilience and decrease child anxiety, visit Sources http://www.edutopiaorg/blog/SEL-filling-in-thought-holes-renee jain http://www.edutopiaorg/blog/teaching-the-abcs-of-resilience-renee-jain http//www.ppc.sasupernedu/prpsumhtm http://psycnet.apaorg/psycinfo/1976-28303-000

The ABCs of Resilience: Bouncing Back from Defeat (GoZen!)

shared by gozen on Nov 24
Have you ever wondered why one kid may be more resilient than another? Let’s say Lisa and Jenny are students in the same eighth grade math class. They both struggle during the quarter and, in the en...


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