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9 Tools to Simplify Homeschooling with LEGO

BRICK Marketplace building blocks for brainpower 6. 9 TOOLS TO SIMPLIFY HOESCHOOLING WITH LEGO BUILDTOEXPRESS LEARNTOLEARN MACHINES + MECHANISMS (LEGO ED. CURRICULUM) (LEGO ED. CURRICULUM) - Kindergarten-Mid. (K to 7) Introduce engineering concepts starting w/ simple structures learning with LEGO; 72 bricks (LEGO ED. CURRICULUM) - Elementary (grades 1 to 4) - Great way to introduce Pre-K/Elem. (Pre-K to 5) - Open-ended tool for discourse that supports critical processing of material across subjects Helps teach: communication skills, language, teamwork, empathy & working up to complex mechanics Helps teach: mechanical principles, science, engineering. design, technical skills to explore any topic - Helps teach: design, engineer- ing, language, math, science, social studies, communication MORETOMATH WEDO STORYSTARTER (LEGO ED. CURRICULUM) (LEGO ED. CURRICULUM) Elementary (grades 2 to 5) Cross-curricular, interactive learning tool for better (LEGO ED. CURRICULUM) Elementary (grades 2 to 5) Teach the basics of story telling Elementary (grades 1 to 2) Math curriculum focused on and structure with this problem solving & visualization Helps teach: math, problem solving, collaboration, communi- Communication and teamwork discourse-sparking set Helps teach: language & computer Helps teach: science, math, engineering, critical reasoning, language & literacy cation, technical skills literacy, social & communication skills, empathy MINDSTORMS (LEGO ED. CURRICULUM) LEGO ED. FORUMS LEGO LEAGUES (COMMUNITY.EDUCATION.LEGO.COM) (JUNIORFIRSTLEGOLEAGUE.ORG + FIRSTLEGOLEAGUE.ORG) Highly organized forum makes it easy to access others' content & existing discussions Explore methods and ideas for teaching with LEGO in a like-minded community Get lesson plans across subjects - Mid./High (grades 6 to 12) - Learn math & programming through infinitely customizable Elem./Mid. (grades K to 8) - Provides critical socialization time, all the more important robotics - Helps teach: programming. science, technical skills, prob- lem solving, troubleshooting for home schooled kids - Competition builds excitement for robotics & technical learning NOTES Organize w/ Pinterest Follow these blogs Be creative! Some of our boards: LEGO Education blog - Find ways to explore - Homeschool with LEGO any subject or idea with BuildtoExpress or - MINDSTORMS: Experiments & Tutorials Milk & Cookies Blog your LEGO collection - Learning with LEGO - LEGO Organizing Use LEGO to visualize - Act out history & data & math problems minifigures literature with learn with us @ P pirterestambrikubtpbacel $ fucbak combridmarketplace

9 Tools to Simplify Homeschooling with LEGO

shared by BRICKmarketplace on Aug 31
Did you know that LEGO Education offers curricula for teaching with LEGO, across numerous subjects and age groups? In this infographic, we explore tools to improve and simplify homeschooling with LEGO...


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