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7 Marijuana Misconceptions

MARIJUANA MISCONCEPTIONS 1. Drugs fuel crime 95% 5% Only 5% of people who currently use or have used drugs has committed an illegal crime in order to purchase drugs. This statistic is even lower with Marijuana users due to the effects of the substance. 2. It destroys brain cells 3. It's highly addictive Research shows only the more potent skunk can cause and is most common with highly brain damage. Cannabis can become addictive over long periods of daily smoking potent strains. Lower potency cannabis does not have this effect over a prolonged period. 4. Marijuana causes mental health issues Studies show marijuana won't directly cause mental health issues but MAY trigger underlying problems 5. Weed causes 6. It's a gateway drug excessive lung damage Reports show that Whilst there are obvious toxins that enter the body when smoking marijuana, lung damage amongst marijuana smokers is This number is consistent with the % of no more prevalent then the general population. experimented with those substances only 1/10 cannabis users will move on to harder substances such as cocaine and heroin. the general population who have 7. Lack of motivation This is simply down to the effects felt by the drug once you intake the substance and can vary between individuals. However, it can actually cause you to become more focused and help you enter a less tense state. Smakon Created By: Smokers Vault Sources: Visit for more. Vaulle

7 Marijuana Misconceptions

shared by georgedunbar on Jan 22
Take a look at this infographic by on some misconceptions around marijuana.


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