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6 Ways to Make Math Fun

6. WAYS TO MAKE MATH FUN FOR KIDS 0009 Make it Hands-on A hands-on math activity is one that involves children doing something instead of passively learning through reading or writing. The more active the activity is, the more engaged children become. Real Life Math Give them tasks where they have to use math skills to complete the work. The possibilities are endless! Children will feel great about accomplishing meaningful work, see the value in studying math and get excited about it! Magic Motivators Simple reward system can make a huge. The key is to find something that your children really desire. 4 Art and Music Math art is very popular because famous painters like Leonardo DaVinci used mathematical concepts to plan their works. You don't have to learn math to be a great artist, but learning to read music requires it. Math Apps Your children won't even know they're learning when playing a fun math app. These games are portable and you can target specific areas that your children need the most practice. 6. Mr. Potato Head, Barbie Dolls, & Blocks Children have a special connection to toys and imaginative play. They help children visualize equations, enhance spatial visualization skills, practice measurement, estimate, and much more. SPLASH MATH

6 Ways to Make Math Fun

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Math is fun! While boring worksheets can burn students out and turn math into drudgery, simple activities can inspire a love for it. Math might not be your favorite subject, but it doesn’t have to b...


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