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The 6 Principles of Design

The 6 Principles of ►esign Principles applied to the elements of design that bring them together into one design. How one applies these principles determines how successful a design may be. Unity / Harmony Balance • Hierarchy • Scale / Proportion Dominance / Emphasis Similarity & Contrast Unity / Harmony PROXIMITY SIMILARITY CONTINUATION A sense of the distance Ability to seem repeatable with other elements The sense of having a line or pattern extend between elements REPETITION RHYTHM Elements being copied or mimicked numerous Achieved when recurring position, size, color, and use of a graphic element has a focal point interruption times Balance SYMMETRY ASYMMETRY RADIAL Elements are arranged Elements on each side differ in shape but still are in visual equilibrium Elements on either side of the axis are arranged similarly around a circular form Hierarchy TREES NESTS WEIGHT Elements arranged in the Elements mapped on to each other as parents, children & grand children Elements of the same weight belong to the same class of hierarchical positions order of a tree with a trunk, branches & sub branches Scale / Proportion SIZE RATIO DIVISIONS Elements of different Elements related to each These create focal points sizes in relationships with each other other in a ratio appear together in visual harmony that automatically give a sense of the relationships Dominance / Emphasis HIGHLIGHT COLOUR SIZE Elements of different sizes Breaking the visual hierarchy using form to lay emphasis To distinguish between elements in a series of similar forms focus the viewers attention accordingly Similarity & Contrast LIGHT & DARK LINE Clear foreground & background separation lend contrast between elements Elements of varying textures & forms bring about a contrasting effect INFORMATION SOURCE DESIGN BY

The 6 Principles of Design

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This infographic visualises the six guiding principles of Unity/Harmony, Balance, Hierarchy, Scale/Proportion, Dominance/Emphasis, Similarity & Contrast. How one applies these principles determines ho...


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