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6 Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview

CAREER SAVVY GIVING YOU THE KNOW HOW BODY LANGUAGE TIPS FOR YOUR NEXT INTERVIEW UP TO of most HUMANS CAN PRODUCE OVER... 95% messages are communicated nonverbally. 55% gestures A FIRST IMPRESSION IS BASED ON: BODY LANGUAGE 38% 7% TONE OF expressions postures VOICE facial different SPOKEN WORDS HANDSHAKE USE YOUR You can tell a lot about a person from their handshake, so get it right with our tips! RIGHT HAND MAKE SURE YOUR PALMS ARE DRY! BE FIRM & CONFIDENT BEWARE A limp 'dead fish' An iron grip can imply SMILE & MAKE EYE CONTACT handshake arrogance. suggests a weak character. OUCH! 2 POSTURE Convey confidence with excellent posture Be sure not to slouch or lounge. SIT TALL Avoid crossing your arms Don't put your hands in your pockets Leave arms open at your sides STUDIES SHOW Striking a power pose for a short time before an 2MINS interview can lower stress hormones by 20%. This is best done in the bathroom, or before you leave the house. 22% Increased candidates chances of a job offer by 3 MIRROR AOAAIM Echoing the interviewer's movements can show empathy & can help establish a rapport Subtlety is important, so the interviewer does not notice you are doing this. One of the safest and most effective ways to do this is to lean in, or lean back when they do. EYE CONTACT Good eye contact conveys confidence d sincerity of the time, look anywhere in the eye-nose triangle. of the time you can look away. Locking eyes with someone for an extended period of time can be seen as aggressive, and a little creepy. 5 CESTURES d expressive physical gestures to are saying Use open involve the interviewer in what you Keep palms up and open to suggest honesty. Avoid pointing or banging fists on the table to emphasise a point. A ENTHUSIASM Express you eagerness for the role through your body language Show your enthusiasm by keeping an interested expression. Smile, nod and make positive gestures. Be careful to do this in moderation to avoid looking like a nodding dog. Wait until you are at a suitable distance before doing your victory dance. CAREER SAVVY GIVING YOU THE KNOW HOW For more tips and advice, check out Career Savvy - the free and friendly career advice magazine. Sources / / cimaglobal / / / T00,000 signs 5,000 hand

6 Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview

shared by careersavvy on Mar 07
We are all told the importance of our body language in an interview scenario and how it can make a huge difference to the impression you make. In reality, being aware of your body language isn’t the...




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