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The 50 Top Video Game Design Schools in The US

THE 50 BEST GAME DESIGN SCHO OLS & C OLLEGES MELLON UNIVERSIT OF S00THERN NNSTEVANIA H UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF UTAH USC Games The Integrative Design Entertainment Arts & Engineering As you'd expect from a school known for its Students are also required to actually develop Since the school has a strong relationship with EA connection to Hollywood and the entertainment fun, polished and engaging games while Sports in Salt Lake City, many students have industry, students involved in one of the many working in teams. This alone offers the best access to valuable internship opportunities that game design programs receive the best experience possible to prepare students for life in give them the closest experience possible to hands-on instruction from professionals actually a major game development studio. actually working for a game company. working in the gaming industry. OF TECH INSTITUTE MASSACHOSETTS PDigiPen RI·T INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 1829 TECHNOLO DIGIPEN INSTITUTE OF ROCHESTER INSTITUTE MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY OF TECHNOLOGY OF TECHNOLOGY DigiPen Institute of Technology School of Interactive Games and Media MIT Game Lab Whether you want to make games as an artist, Students can expect a unique approach to This gives students the ability to choose different designer, software developer, or programmer, learning how technology, content, and systems courses based on if they're interested in game Digipen offers a degree that will give you the come together to create interactive design, game programming, psychological tools you need to enter the industry and quickly experiences. The IGM school also runs the Global games, or the business side of the industry. Plenty make an impact. This includes both graduate Game Jam program that invites students to of narrative-focused courses are available as and undergraduate degrees. make games while networking with others well for those who want to learn more about already working in the industry. storytelling in games. 8. POLYTE OF. SANNAH ART AND DESIGE *1824 SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE ART AND DESIGN LOS ANGELES The School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Savannah College of Art and Design The School of Arts and Architecture SCAD offers both graduate and undergraduate This degree is one of the best best hands-on Also available are many advanced degree B.A. degrees that give students the chance to programs in the country thanks to the UCLA programs that train future game designers in collaborate with industry professionals and use Game Lab, which is supported by the School of Gaming and Animation, Communication the latest interactive design tools. This is why Theater, Film, and Television. The lab Technologies, and more. games from SCAD's program have won the E3 incorporates an impressive number of disciplines, College Game Competition several times. including design, animation, music, creative writing, sociology, computer science, and more. UNIVER 10 •CA 11 12 UNIVERSITY OF. MDCCCXXXI 1868 1891 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ DREXEL UNIVERSITY NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Jack Baskin School of Engineering Westphal College of Media Arts & Design Tisch School of the Arts The school's Art Department also offers an MFA The program's strength comes from both the Students are also given access to valuable in Digital Arts and New Media. Additionally, computer science and digital media resources such as the Media and Games UCSC's Center for Games and Playable Media departments working together to make sure Network at the NYU Brooklyn campus, Game currently has five game-related research labs students learn all there is to know about game Center Open Library, and NYU Game Center. being used by future game developers. All development. game design students are required to complete a year-long capstone project that has them working in teams to create a complete game. 13 (14 YTEC CHNIC 15 1865 WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF DEPAUL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY College of Computing and Digital Media Interactive Media & Game Development College of Computing Two minors are also offered in either game Aside from game design, every student also gets Both the Experimental Game Lab and a taste of other areas of game development design or game programming. Students are also encouraged to work on a game that will be Synesthetic Game Lab allow students to get hands-on experience while doing game related Other available resources such as programming, testing, and project submitted to the Student IGF competition via the management. Like many of the schools on this research. are DePaul Game Experience. Many teams from this list, plenty of Worcester Polytechnic Institute provided by the Institute for People and school have placed high in the IGDA student graduates now find themselves working with Technology. and the GVU Center at Georgia competition. some of the biggest gaming companies in the Tech. industry. 16 COLLE Vider 17 18 esse Ringling College of Art + Design FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO Game Art & Design Full Sail's Game School The School of Media Arts Students interested in a career in game design One of the perks of being a Full Sail University A BS in Game Programming is also available, are offered Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Arts student is the high level of social interaction including several Minor options for Game Design, and Design. Training is also available in all other required during game design courses, giving Game Art, and Game Programming. No matter technical areas involved in game development, students vital experience to prepare them for what their concentration or major is, all game including computer programming, audio, and actual game production. A team based project design students learn the basic principles of storytelling. incorporating 12 consecutive courses at the end game design. of the year also gives students a taste of what a career in game creation will be like. 19 20 21 UNIVE S Shawnee State UNIVE RSITY FLORIDA UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SHAWNEE STATE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology Game and Mobile Media School of Visual Arts & Design Applications Program UCF's graduate design school, the Florida An impressive six different certificates are Students looking for a game design major with Interactive Entertainment Academy, offers only currently available: CS Game Development heavy emphasis in computer science will be a couple dozen students the chance to enroll in Certificate, CS Mobile Computing Certificate, satisfied by Shawnee State University's BS in the Master of Science Interactive COFA Digital Art & Design Production Certificate, Digital Simulation & Gaming. A Game and in Entertainment program. Three different Tracks COFA Digital Audio Composition & Production Simulation Development Arts degree is also are also available: Programming, Art, and Certificate, COFA Digital World Designer available for students you prefer the aesthetic Production. Certificate, and RTF Visual Effects & Animation application of game creation. Certificate. UNIVERS 22 23 STAT 24 RICHIOAN HEASTER Penn VIRTVE OSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Founded UNIV UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA College of Arts, Media and Design Game Design and Development School of Engineering and Applied Science Game design students also have a chance to Aside from undergraduate BA and BS degrees, This school is also known for its SIG Center for work with leaders in the industry thanks to the including a Master of Art, this school is one of the Computer Graphics which was utilized by alumni university's partnership with companies like few to offer a PhD related to game design. now working for leading goame and animation Microsoft Game Studios, Tapwalk, Zynga, Students also gain access to the GEL Lab where they learn what it takes to make a game from studios like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, EA, Sony, TEncent Boston, and SAIC Corporation. Activision, and Microsoft. start to finish, including design, prototyping, and more. NERSITY CAL 25 26 27 PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN IRVINE TH 4.D. 1865 PARSONS THE NEW UNIVERSITY OF SCHOOL FOR DESIGN CORNELL UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, IRVINE The School of Art, Media, and Technology Computer Science Department Computer Game Science Both the BFA and MFA in Design and Technology Cornell's Game Design Initiative established by Plenty of internship opportunities are available to give students experience working with storytelling the School of Computing and Information UCI students with the many game companies in and interaction technologies alongside cutting the area, including Ready Dawn, Blizzard Science currently offers a Game Design Minor that complements traditional majors such as Art, edge computation and programming software. Entertainment, and Obsidian Entertainment. Projects often require that students use film, Music, Computer Science, and more. video, mobile and web applications, and even audiovisual performance. 28 29 30 CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE GGNOMON 1878 SCHOOL OF VISUAL EFFECTS CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE GNOMON SCHOOL OF ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY VISUAL EFFECTS Division of Communication and Creative Media The School of Game Development Gnomon School of Visual Effects Four different game design degrees are currently The School of Game Development offers several These Tracks include Entertainment Design (one available: one focusing on the business side of degrees for students looking to break into the year), Digital Production for Entertainment (two game industry on the art side of development. An AA, BFA, and MFA degree in game Development is available, as well as a BS in game design, two on game design and art, and years), Entertainment Design and Digital another revolving around mobile application Production (three years), and the Maya Fast development. Track (10 weeks). Game Programming and an Online Award of COmpletion in Game Development. 31 32 33 MASON • Art Center College of Design GEORGE MIAMI UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY THE ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY MIAMI UNIVERSITY Entertainment Design Computer Game Design Program Interactive Media Program The school's location is also ideal for aspiring These programs have students learm both the Game related degrees offered by the College of game developers as Pasadena is near areas like technical and artistic side of game Creative Arts are a BA in Interactive Media Orange County, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles development as they work together to create studies and an MFA in Experience Design. that make home to several acclaimed studios. several projects to add to their portfolio before Students also can choose from several Tracks graduation. such as Game Studies, Interactive Business, Game Design, Game Development, and Arts & Interaction. A Minor and Graduate Certificate are also available. 34 35 36 LCAD OTIS The Art Institute ATOF California-San Francisco A campus of Argory Umiversity LAGUNA COLLEGE OF OTIS COLLEGE OF ART THE ART INSTITUTE OF ART AND DESIGN AND DESIGN CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO Laguna College of Art and Design Game & Entertainment Design The Art Institute of California A graduate degree is also offered in the form of Students looking for an artistic role in game Students looking for a game design degree can an MFA in Art of Game that helps students explore game design as a cultural art form while learning how to make their own interactive development can receive a BA in Digital Media select between a BS in Game Art & Design anda with a n emphasize in Game & Entertainment BS in Visual & Game Programming. The choice Design or a Minor in Digital Media. depends on whether you want a program that worlds. legns more toward the artistic areas of game development or the technical side. FILM 37 38 39 OUGHKEEPSIE N.Y. ACTING INDIANA UNIVERSITY-PURDUE UNIVERSITY INDIANAPOLIS NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY MARIST COLLEGE School of Informatics and Computing MFA, BFA, AFA, Game Studio Course Media Studies and Production These include an AFA, BFA, and MFA in Game A five year program is also available in the form of an MS in Media Arts and Science with a These include a BS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Game Design and Programming and an MS in Computer Science, Software Design. A one year non-degree Game Design Specialization in Human-Computer Interaction. Program is also offered at both the Los Angeles Students involved in either program will learn the and New York campuses. Development with a coursework focused on fundamentals of digital storytelling and design. Game Design and Programming. New to the are in Media Studies and a BA in Communication- both offer a concentration in Interactive Media & Game Design. 40 UNIVERSITY 41 42 BECKER COLLEGE 1887 The Art Institute AT of California--Los Angeles TERATUR 1891 He 1784 RIC THE ART INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES BECKER COLLEGE BRADLEY UNIVERSITY The Art Institute of California Interactive Media Design Department of Interactive Media Both campuses are great in that they both sit in Game design students can enroll in a number of These degrees include a Minor in Game Design, cities serving as a hotbed for successful game degree programs, including a BA in Interactive a Minor in INteractive Media, and a BS in development studios. Los Angeles is home to Media Design with a concentration in either Interactive Media with a Concentration in Game industry giants like Activision, EA, Sony, Naughty Game Design or Game Development & Design. Dog, and many more. Programming. A BA in Game Production and Management Concentration is also available. 43 44 45 NCE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVE AND WOODBURY PRACTICE 1932 SOUTHFIELD UNIVERSITY founded in 1884 MICHIGAN LAWRENCE TECHNOLOGICAL STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY WOODBURY UNIVERSITY Department of Computer Science The College of Arts and Sciences The School of Media, Culture and Design The Department of Computer Science makes up Students interested in a career in game design This degree program lets students choose most of the College of Engineering & Applied can look into a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and between two emphases, Game Art or Game Sciences and offers students interested in game a BS in Computer Science with a concentration Design. Both studies bring together several development careers a Bs, MS, or both in in Game Software Development. aspects of game development, including sound Computer Science with a Specialization in design, narrative development, game design, Game Programming. Also available is a CSE animation, and art. Minor. 46 47 48 EU AIE ACADEMY OF MICA INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT 1857 MARYLAND INSTITUTE EDINBORO UNIVERSITY ACADEMY OF INTERACTIVE COLLEGE OF ART Department of Mathematics and Computer Science ENTERTAINMENT, SEATTLE Academy of Interactive Entertainment Interactive Arts and Humanistic Studies The BFA in INteractive Arts + Humanistic Studies A BS in Computer Science with a Concentration Among these two year programs are an in Game and Virtual World Development is available for students looking to receive an program features several courses involved in Advanced Diploma of Professional Game game development, including Experimental Games, Drawing I and II, Electronic Media & Development (Game Art & Animation) and education that involves the technical side of Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Culture, Gameplay II/Digital Games, and more. game development. Development (Game Programming). 49 50 UNIVERSITYf DENVER DAVE SCHOOL DIGITAL ANIMATION & VISUAL EFFECTS THE DIGITAL ANIMATION AND UNIVERSITY OF DENVER VISUAL EFFECTS SCHOOL The Daniel Felix Ritchie School Diploma in Game Production There are several degrees on the menu for Graduates of The DAVE School now find students interested in game design. These themselves working as animators and modelers include one minor, two BAs, two BSs, an MS, and at top game studios like Naughty Dog, Activision, even a PhD. EA, BioWare, and more. SOURCE * GAMEDESIGNING CARNEGIE A PITTSSURGH NSTITUTE RENSSEL OLLEGE ESIT RNIA ITUTE WORG CESTER NIVERSIY CHICAGO EDE PAUL SIONIT OF CENTE ORNIA ORNELL SEQUNDED COLLECE MARIST W YORK FILM BRADLEY ALUNNERSITY

The 50 Top Video Game Design Schools in The US

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The team at has identified all the collegiate programs in The US that currently offer degrees for aspiring game designers, developers, and animators. Then ranked the best of the best...






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