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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to College

THINGS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE I WENT TO COLLEGE College is an investment. A very expensive investment. $45,212 $43,304 SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE 2011 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY $27,293 PRIVATE 4 YEAR $11,990 1978 PUBLIC 4 YEAR OUT-OF-STATE $7,605 PUBLIC 4 YEAR IN-STATE TUITION IN THE UNITED STATES $2,713 HAS RISEN 900% SINCE 1978, PUBLIC 2 YEAR Credit cards and student loans will cost you big time. 141111114 2/3 of college students graduate with student loan debt with an average of $25,000 owed per student $910 BILLION Principal With $200 monthly payments the avěrage student loan would be paid off in 18 years after paying over $18,000 in iñterest student loan debt in the U.S. $796 BILLION Interest credit card debt in the U.S. 1111111404 91% of all undergrads have a credit card with an average of 4.6 cards and $3,173 owed per student Education is not spelled D-R-U-N-K. RIF RI RIP RIT 25% 31% 6% RIP RIP RIP RIP OF STUDENTS SUFFERED ACADEMIC CONSEQUENCES FROM DRINKING OF STUDENTS MET THE CRITERIA FOR ALCOHOL ABUSE OF STUDENTS MET THE CRITERIA FOR ALCOHOL DEPENDANCE RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP 696,000 COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE ASSAULTED BY ANOTHER STUDENT ÚNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL 4 OUT OF 5 COLLEGE STUDENTS DRINK RIP RIP = 100 STUDENTS OVER 1,800 COLLEGE STUDENTS DIE EACH YEAR FROM ALCOHOL RELATED INJURIES 97000 COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE VICTIMS OF ALCOHOL-RELATED SEXUAL ABUSE Don't rush. A lot of people do not finish college in four years. 36.7% Massachusetts United States Alaska 16.1% 69.1% 55.9% 22.1% graduate graduate graduate in 6 years, highest national average 20.7% in 6 years, lowest in the country in 6 years, 26.5% in the country % of first-time, full-time students pursuing a bachelor's degree at a 4 year instituion 4 year graduates 6 year graduates 5 year graduates 6+ year graduates or never finished Do an internship or four. Experience never hurt anyone. 6.8% of student interns were (67% offered jobs inside the company in 2010 more internships will be offered in 2011 Average Job Retention Rate One and five year job retention rates for hires straight out of college Five Years One Year 61% 70% 76% 55% 49% 44% Interned at company Interned with a different company Never had an internship Sources: Internship_Co-op_Survey_Research_Brief.aspx Textbooks Easy. Fast. Cheap! YEARLY TUITION COST (DOES NOT INCLU OTHER EXPENSES)

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to College

shared by elovejoy on Jan 19
These are 5 things I think everyone wishes they knew before they went to college.


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