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5 Scholarship Application Mistakes to Avoid

SCHOLARSHIP NAME SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION MISTACKE MISTAKES TOP5 SCHOLARSHIP SURNAME APPLICATION DATE February 2012 A Senvice of the Student Loen Network 001-857-999868675 Guess what? arive faand a Scholarshiplaints seret bene code! COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION REJECTED MISTAKE NUMBER ONE 1 Only Applying For Private Scholarships Redeem the code NOMISTAKES today MISUNDERSTANDING TIP Most people think of scholarships as something offered by a private organization, but did you know there are federal and school scholarships as well? Don't count these out! - 25 pants STATISTICAL DETAILS 41 OUT 50 The only states that don't offer any: O NEW MEXICO Ø MISSISSIPPI ONEW HAMPSHIRE O NEBRASKA LOUISIANA OWEST VIRGINIA O MICHIGAN STATES OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS O CONNECTICUT Ø MAINE COLLEGE SCHOLARSH APPLICATION MISTAKE NUMBER TWO 001-857-944440009 DISCARD Applying For Too Few Scholarships TIP Getting lots of small scholarships adds up. Smaller scholarships are often less competitive, So you have better chances of winning an award. STASTICAL DETAILS Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA) $7500 489 NUMBER OF SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE EACH YEAR: $250 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Not Following Instructions And 3 Other Application Mistakes DENIED TIP Always double-check your work, or even better, get someone else to look over your work. A second pair of eyes can help catch careless mistakes. ISUNDERSTANDING DOUR E CHE CK WOK PROPER GRAMMAR FOLLOW DIRECTIONS SPELL CROSS YOUR T'S DOT YOUR I'S CHECK COLL CHOLARSHIP APPLIC 001-85911-009-8876-094 MISTAKE NUMBER FOUR Not Paying Attention To Deadlines YOUR DATA IS FLAWED Due TIP Missing a deadline is the biggest mistake you can make. Apply before the deadline hits. It really doesn't pay to procrastinate. ERROR Taday! STATISTICAL DETAILS SCHOLARSHIP TIMELINE JAN I FEB | MAR APR I MAY | Applications Available JUN JUL I AUG OCT I NOV | DEC FEEA Process Committees Judge Checks Mailed 916-335-4611-000 Suzie, how many times do ( have to tell yi? Dait wat til the last minde to tun yaur cellege application COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 5 Looking For Scholarships For Only A Few Weeks MISTAKE NUMBER FIVE WRONG STATISTICAL DETAILS TIP Start your scholarship search as early as you can, as that means more time to complete applications and earn scholarship awards. BUSY LAZY NO MONEY Honey den't COLLEGE PAID FOR FOR YOU procrastinate. Love Mom PROCRASTINATION METER 20 Saurces FEEA, ORG | FINAID.ORG AWARD RANGE college applicatione schlarships loans

5 Scholarship Application Mistakes to Avoid

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When it comes to paying for college, who doesn’t like free money? When you need money to help pay for your college education, you want all the scholarship tips you can get to help your chances. I...


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