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5 easy ways to get easy marks on the SAP SD exam

5 WAYS TO GET EASY MARKS ON THE SD EXAM SAPinfoASAP has narrowed down the exam to 5 simple topics that are almost guaranteed to be on the exam. Don't pass up these FREE marks! "Work smarter, not harder" - Allan Mogensen So basic, that it is often overlooked. Don't make that mistake These are on every exam - GUARANTEED! Now part of the new syllabus Topic 1: Determination Formula Topic 2: Condition Techniques Topic 3: NetWeaver & Šolution Manager Topic 4: Consignment Topic 5: Enterprise Structure Condition Techniques apply to over 8 sections in SD. Enough said! There are only 4 simple steps to learn, and it's on every eхam BROUGHT TO YOU BY 1. DETERMINATION FORMULA Item Category Group Usage Storage Plant Loc. Item Category= Division MP Type Pricing Procedure Learn how each field is determined. For example: Item Category = Order Type + Item Cat. Group + Usage + Higher Ivl item cat. (I'd bet my last dollar that this will come up in your exam) 2.CONDITION TECHNIQUE Account Pricing Determination Condition Technique Material Determination Listing/ Exclusion Free Goods Determination Tax Determination Text Determination Output Determination The condition technique is the most transferable skill in SD, and you can see why by looking at the list above. It is used in at least 8 different functionalities of SD. 3.NW &SOLUTION MANAGER ERP SCM SAP PI NW and Solman Portal More.. SRM Although NetWeaver and Solution Manager (Solman) are two different components, they both connect all the applications and systems in a company. (Learn more at 4.CONSIGNMENT PROCESSING 1. Fill-up 2. Issue 4. Pickup 3. Returns There are only 4 simple steps to this process. Understand the purpose of each step and the SAP functions that are involved in each one. (Although it is not necessary to perform the steps above in that order, it makes it easier to remember the process) 5.ENTERPRISE STRUCTURE Company Code 1000 1. UNDERSTAND how organizational units are linked 1+2= 2. LEARN the relationship ratios 22 Sales Org, 1 Sales Org. 2 Example 1: A plant can be assigned to how many company codes? Example 2: A company code can have how many plants? Distr. Channel 1 Distr. Channel z DiMsion 1 DiMsion 2 Sales Area 1. 3. Practice using sample questions If you need help looking for questions, we have developed a post on this topic at BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Piktochart make information beautifu Material Master Shipping Point ution Channel Sales Organization Shipping Condition Higher Lvl Item Category

5 easy ways to get easy marks on the SAP SD exam

shared by hin1219 on Apr 22
5 topics have been determined that are easy to learn, and consistently appear on the SAP SD exam that they are essentially FREE points.




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