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5 driving habits that you should learn from a good driving school in California

CLICK2DRIVE PRESENTS 5 DRIVING HABITS THAT YOU SHOULD LEARN FROM A GOOD DRIVING SCHOOL IN CALIFORNIA Together We Can Make CA Roads Safer VISUAL AWARENESS IS A MUST- While driving, the first habit you need to put into practice is visual awareness. You need to keep an eye on the road and the signs of the road when you are driving. This way you can enhance your attentiveness and also stay alert on the road. Sometimes, the people with you might talk to you, but you cannot make even the slightest mistake of distracting yourself. You need to be the idol for others as well as for your kids, thus make sure you are cautious all the time. DO NOT USE THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING- Never use a cell phone while driving because it can be dangerous. According to the studies, the most accident happens because of distractions while using the phone. People use phones, and this can be risky for yourself and for those driving around you. Even if the call is important, you must receive the call only when you stop aside, and not when you drive. NEVER OVER SPEED- Always drive at a speed which can be controlled by you. Over speeding is never an option even if you are late. There are some roads, where you have to follow the speed limit, and one must follow the same. If you over speed, it can be tough to handle the vehicle, and chances accident might increase eventually if you do not slow down your vehicle at right time SPEED in the right place. WEAR SEATBELTS- Many drivers think that driving without a seatbelt would be fun, but what if you have to use brakes suddenly? You might get thrown at the front and get injured in this incident. Seatbelts will save you from such injuries, even if you have to use the brake in an emergency. SAY NO TO RECKLESS DRIVING- The youth and the teenagers who get the learning or provisional license think that now they can drive the way they want. But the reality is the reckless driving or aggressive driving can cost you your life. People think that nothing will happen to them while driving like this, but it is wrong because uncontrolled driving is dodgy for the driver along with the other people driving around them. click 2 drive SOURCE: W ww.CLICK2DRIVE.COM 818-301-7561

5 driving habits that you should learn from a good driving school in California

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Being responsible while driving is a must for your safety and for the people around you. Most accidents tend to happen due to bad habits of driving and silly mistakes. It can be distraction, or carele...



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