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44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College - Learned The Hard Way

NOTICE BOARD TIPS FOR SURVIVING YOUR FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE LEARNED THE HARD WAY 01 ALWAYS GO TO CLASS GET INVOLVED 02 You never know when the professor will drop a crucial test hint,or give out extra credit for attendance All the knowledge in the world won't help you if you come out of college with no experience or professional relationships 03 ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES CREATE AND STICK TO A BUDGET 04 Over spending the first year can impact you for years to come If something can go wrong it will GET A CREDIT CARD LEARN TO DO LAUNDRY DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH CAFFEINE 06 07 CHET CA BANK If you have new colored clothes, wash colors separately from whites the first few times you wear them. Otherwise, toss 'em all in the same load if they'll fit It's really not good for you and you can get energy by staying well-hydrated, eating healthy foods, and sleeping enough Build credit but never carry a balance. It is not free money Never leave your clothes in a washer after the cycle is over Try to resolve issues with your roommate (10 Get a part-time job preferably doing something that relates to your major 08 09 JOB OPENINGS Be there to take them out a minute A job actually helps with time management Talk and don't let them build before the cycle ends. Not doing this is rude, and people will pull your up to the point where you can't stand each other when you first start school clothes out and set them somewhere 12 13 14 Live in the Сатрus Residence Halls your First Year Get to know Виу а parking pass on Campus Avoid Car your professors PARKING PERMIT A-0001 College is just as much about networking as it is about sitting in class. Plus, most of them are bored out of their skulls Don't bring a car to campus if you don't need one. Many schools have great public transit systems, and Facebook can net you rides when you need them Much more social than Even if it's a bit more expensive, it will save you a lot of time (and whining) apartments, and you'll be involved, in a lot more cool things and build relationships that last a lifetime during office hours because no one goes 15 BE PROFESSIONAL STUDY 16 Find a go to place to study and develop a study method that works for you and make it a regular activity Realize that you are an adult now, dress the part and act the part 17 GET A TUTOR WEAR FLIP-FLOPS IN THE BATHROOM 18 This does not make you look dumb. Not getting one when you need help does No exceptions – Those floors are gross REGISTER ON TIME TAKE SMART NOTES TRY OUT AS MANY CLUBS AS YOU CAN 20 REGISTER NOW You will thank yourself later when your friends are having to do an extra semester because they could not get into a required class Feel no obligation to them if you do not like them. College is about finding out what you love to do. Then stick with it You will want these later when you find a good fit 22 PUT YOUR ALARM CLOCK SOMEWHERE YOU CANNOT REACH IT 23 DO NOT GET DRUNK 24 USE A CALENDAR Make yourself But be a good friend when others you know do Google Calendar is probably get out of bed to turn it off the best one there is to keep life scheduled 25 26 27 28 Never Underestimate the Value of a Care Package from Mom Get Out and Explore Your Campus Find Out What Resources Your School Offers and Use Them Keep a Journal Always try to keep good communication with your family at home Same goes for exploring the city your campus is in Many universities have free tech support centers, health centers, seminars, and more It's great to be able to go back and see how you've progressed over the years CREATE A RESUME GO TO EVERY CAREER FAIR 29 30 RESUME Add to it throughout college and actually do cool things to put on it You want to build relationships with recruiters and they will remember your face if you show up every time 31 TAKE A SPEECH CLASS GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND TRY NEW THINGS 32 Communication skills are among the more important things College is the greatest opportunity you will ever have for personal development recruiters look for in students 34 SET A SCHEDULE SPEAK OUT IN CLASS DO NOT PROCRASTINATE 35 Ask questions and add your Plan out your week and include class time, study time, and social time Procrastination catches up with you and can make you always feel behind opinions to be active in your education 36 Be Proactive Not Reactive 37 Create Goals 38 Don't cling to high school friends College is not an extension of high school, build new friendships and have new experiences Take an active role Both long term and short term goals in your experience help align your activities 39 40 41 42 Unplug Buy textbooks online Create to do lists Read books TO DO Read your textbooks as well as set aside time for personal reading. Make sure to read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and then apply the techniques Lists can help you prioritize as well as make sure things This is a much more cost Turn off your laptop, iPad, and cellphone during class and actually pay attention effective alternative to buying in the campus bookstore do not fall through the cracks 43 DO NOT CRAM DON'T MULTI-TASK 44 Life is about more than just Multi-tasking leads to work that is of lower quality. Focus a test, actually learn the material textbook recycling Sources

44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College - Learned The Hard Way

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Here are the 44 tips that I would have loved to have known when I was a freshman in College. Unfortunately, I had to learn all of these the hard way. Check them out, they will make your freshman yea...


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