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41 Surprising Facts About Online Students

41 SURPRISING FACTS ABOUT ONLINE STUDENTS WHO ARE THE ONLINE STUDENTS? 80% 80% of online students live within 100 miles of a campus or 37% of online students were the first in their family to attend college. service center of the institution they attend. 32% of higher education students now take at least one online course. 1+ 33% study business 46% 46% say their biggest motivation to enroll was -> More than 80% of online to advance their current career. undergraduate students have transfer credits. 15% 15% - the largest proportion of online students - study at the University of Phoenix ETHNIC DISTRIBUTION AGE DISTRIBUTION 62% Caucasian 19% African-American 9% Asian or Pacific Islander 19% 18-24 8% Hispanic 1% Native-American 1% Other 20% 25-29 15% 30-34 13% 35-39 11% 40-44 10% 45-49 8% 50-54 4% 55* 70% Female 30% Male Y ONLINE LEARNERS AND MONEY < $25k $25-84k $85-150k- 11% of online gradu- ates earn less than $25k annually 53% of online gradu- ates earn $25 - 84k annually 29% of online gradu- ates earn $85 - 150k- annually 7% prefer not to say what their annual income is PAYING FOR THEIR ONLINE EDUCATION EMPLOYMENT STATUS 31% Student loans and other financial aid only 60% 20% 12% 28% Personal funds only employed part-time employed not employed but looking full-time 21% Personal funds and loans 8% Personal, loans, & scholarships 7% 8% Personal & employer not employed and not looking 1% retired 4% Employer only WHY STUDENTS ENROLL IN ONLINE COURSES 68% BALANCE 64% ANYTIME, ANYWHERE 24/7 The ability to balance work, family, and school responsibilities more easily. Students love the ability to study anytime, anywhere at their own convenience. 37% ACCELERATED COURSES 30% CHEAPER The overall lower cost of online courses is very appealing to Fast-track courses motivate students to earn a college degree in an online setting. online students. 18% FASTER COMPLETION TIME 12% VARIETY With greater flexibility, online degrees are generally completed faster than traditional degrees. Course variety is one of the top reasons students choose to enroll in online courses. 9% CREDENTIAL POTENTIAL 9% EFFECTIVENESS ビ Greater potential for specific educational credentials Some students find online learning methods more effective than a traditional college setting. THINKING OF GOING TO SCHOOL ONLINE? © 2004 - 2014 COLLEGEATLAS.ORG ALL RIGHTS RESERVED SOURCES: LEARNINGHOUSE.COM, INSIDEHIGHERED.COM, CHRONICLE.COM, USNEWS.COM PROMOTION

41 Surprising Facts About Online Students

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Online education has exploded over the last decade, but who exactly is taking these courses? The typical online student is a 27-year-old Caucasian female who works full time. More than likely, her mo...


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