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4 Tried and Tested Ways to Speed Up Effective Learning

4 Ways to Speed Up Effective Learning #1 Stay simple "If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it well enough" "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" Albert Einstein Avoid complex language Research found out: people usually take complicated styling as a sign of lower intelligence, not higher. Simple = Safe While studying search for clear, simple materials - it'll reduce your reluctance to face challenging information. Simplicity leads to effective actions Avoid complicated learning techniques as they stand for nothing unless you really understand the issue in the first place. But Remember: Simple Simplistic # 2 Train your memory Capabilities of our memory are huge. Then why do we forget so often? Here's a quick guide to the most common reasons for forgetting and a few hints of how to deal with them. Information fades away gradually, especially when you do not actively use it. Retrieval failure That's why practice is important. It's one of the best ways to retain information in long term memory. In order to remember even trivial things, like switching off the gas, focus on doing it, so you can later know: "Yes, I did switch it off." Absent- mindedness This way you memorize easily as you are focused on what you're doing at the moment. You are struggling to remember some fact and it seems like it'll dawn on you in a few seconds but for some reason it doesn't. This is called tip-of-the-tongue state. Although it's not easy, try to switch to another activity - the word is most likely to come later. Blocking Misattributing means confusing sources of information: we feel 100% sure we read that passage in book A while a friend points out it's from book B. Misattribu- tions That's why approach your judgments critically and give them á second thought. These are the mental shortcuts our brain takes all the time. Since they act on an unconscious level it's impossible to get rid of them. Cognitive biases But simply knowing about the biases increases the odds to make rational judgments and right decisions. This means sticking to negative experiences, failures, etc. which, of course, harms learning immensely. Learning is a sequence of successes and mistakes. Stick to your achievements instead: this way you can foster motivation and confidence. Persistence #3 Retain focus What is inattentional blindness? We miss plenty of things around us and usually have no idea we miss them. This happens because we are focused on something else: our eyes see but the brain chooses not to process information you're not consciously thinking about. Good for learning! Inattentional blindness gives us great focus. The less distractions there are, the quicker you do your work. Creativity, attention, memory – all your intellectual skills are directed on a single problem. Do be careful outside In some cases it's really important to keep your eyes wide open, like in situations critical to our safety (e.g. not hearing the sound of approaching car while texting.) Space your time What is the spacing effect? Time intervals between learning new information are really important. When you plan to study the same information again try to organize the training sessions with as much time between them as possible this technique is called the spacing effect. Cramming doesn't work 300% When information brain gradually it sticks to memory for far longer. Studying for an hour today, then looking at it next weekend, then a week later - this is a perfect pace for your memory. enters your Long-term-memory's capabilities increase by 300% if the spacing rule is followed. O Yaware Copyright 2015 Yaware

4 Tried and Tested Ways to Speed Up Effective Learning

shared by Yaware on Apr 30
Learning is great. Not only you find out something new, but you also help your brain to stay "fit", and prevent brain-related diseases. Though, most of us don't like learning, because it requires eff...




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