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308 Ways to Describe How You Feel: Thesaurus of the Seven Basic Emotions

fruition gaiety heaven beatitude gladness Namusement bliss euphoria gratification 308 frolic charm blessedness festivity hilarity cheer pleasure felicity indulgence) comfort exultation joy stupefaction whammy jubilance regalement delight dolor downer stupor misery wonderment gloom (dysphoria prostration amazementastonishment ecstasty liveliness dolefulness anguish forlornness astoundment elation abjection scare precipitance sport distress grief emotional states to describe how you feel about what you're doing right awe dispiritedness funk excitement portent diversion glee luxury abasement heartache bewildermentye-opening solace phenomenon delectation disconsolateness consternation disesteem humor merriment Yunhappiness hopelessnessloominess curiosity revelry animation satisfaction alleviation (happiness mirth despondency sadness marvel letdown bafflement surprise mystification shock the blues melancholy rapture rejoicing ravishment refreshment kick dejection listlessness bewlderment misery fracas wonder (the dumps incredulity cheerlessness mourning (moodiness) bombshell (puzzlement heavy heart fog bummer godsend disillusion (poignancy confusion downcastness mopes ferment bleakness sorrow fortune epiphany blahs eureka mournfulness daze dismals disarray sorrowfulness discombobulation discomposure Vdisorientation (blue devils tribulation woe perplexity thesaurus of the seven basic infuriation irascibility fierceness loftiness Ipatronage asperity miff haughtiness superciliousness impiety rabidity fury hatred peevishness flippancy defiance derision toleration huff (impatience despisement disregard emotions tempestuousness gall (petulance (indignation stubbornness dislike swagger distaste distemper pique rampancy ire snobbery Vdisparagement smugness mockery flisapprobation anger rankling vehemence irritation contempt slight hauteur Scornfulness neglect now dander What would you call what you're soreness recalcitrance savagery outrage insolence ridicule (pomposity feeling right now? conniption) stew rage indignity pride impetu- The Seven Basic Emotions Scorn (pretension choler resentment storm desesteem wrath audacity snobbishness insolence chagrin temper violence despite contumely disquietude distress tantrum despisal worriment boiling point animus aversion Researchers over the past century have determined that. faintheartedness imperiousness superbity repellency uncertainty tiff malice deprecation ill tempor umbrage chutzpah vexation ostentation Vconceitedness shivers angst anxiety forboding regardless of race, ethnicity, or cultural upbringing, all human hubris (antipathy dislike disapprobation ill will creeps concern animosity distaste shakes cowardice fright beings contract the same muscles in the face when experiencing nauseation despair bitterness disapproval hatred seven different emotions: joy, sadnesS, anger, fear, disgust, aversion nightmarish) surfeit dismay dismay disesteem acrimony loathing contempt, and surprise. These emotional states have been agitation Ypresentiment fear doubt disgust sickness disfavor hysteria revulsion named the human race's Seven Basic Emotions. ignominy worry qualm satiety frenzy dread (contempt abhorrenceispleasure timidity Fortunately, the English language provides us with scores of unease horror satiation dissatisfaction tension detestation grudge terror variations to describe each of the seven. Which one are you jitters trembling revolt (hatefulness panic malignance enmity suspicion panic scare feeling right now? chicken heartedness repugnance nausea objection cold feet odium hostility mistrust indisposition uneasiness dread nervousness rancor offense malevolence | 2015

308 Ways to Describe How You Feel: Thesaurus of the Seven Basic Emotions

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Need a word to describe how you feel? Start with one of pyschology's Seven Basic Emotions, and then select one of 44 different ways to give that perfect nuance to how you feel.


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