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The 28 Naughtiest Children from Literature

The 28 naughtiest children from literature Children's books are filled with mischief and mayhem, and of course with naughty children. The children in adult literature can be a whole lot naughtier and even pure evil. This infographic from L vereading. digs into the naughtiest children in all of literature. Be sure to share it with all book lovers! The Children from "The Midwich Cuckoos" Author: John Wyndham Crime: Mind Control The children used mind control to murder, destroy, and even to manipulate the US Military. Flashman from "Tom Brown's School Days" Author: Thomas Hughes Crime: Bullying Flashman even went as far as holding someone in a fire so they were burned. Nick from "Hate List" Author: Jennifer brown Crime: School shooting Nick and his girlfriend wrote a 'Hate List'. She thought it was a joke. He decided to shoot everyone on it. Mary Tilford from "The Children's Hour" Author: Lillian Helman Crime: Fatal Lies Mary lied to pretty much everyone, even straying into blackmail and ultimately ruining many people's lives. Frank Pierson from "The Boy Who Followed Ripley" Author: Patricia Highsmith Crime: Murder Frank murdered his wheelchair- confined father by throwing him from a cliff. Josephine from "Crooked House" Author: John Wyndham Crime: Murder Josephine killed her grandfather because he wouldn't pay for her ballet lessons. She also killed her nanny. Rynn Jacobs from "The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane" Author: Laird Koenig Crime: Murder(s) by poisoning Rynn murdered her parents, and then went through a lengthy cover-up process which involved more murder. Niles Perry from "The Other" Author: Tom Tryon Crime: Murder The Perry Twins seemed to be involved in murdering many members of their family - simply for fun. Rhoda Penmark from "The Bad Seed" Author: William March Crime: A sociopathic murderer Rhoda murders anyone who works out that she is evil - even setting fire to a man's mattress while he's sleeping on it. Noboru Kuroda from "The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea" Author: Yukio Mishima Crime: Conspiracy to Murder After initially considering him a hero, Noboru and his friends decide to kill Noboru's stepfather because he is no longer a sailor. Cathy Ames from "East of Eden" Author: John Steinbeck Crime: Sexual Manipulation Cathy seems to use sex and subsequently the question of paternity to manipulate the people around her. Pinkie Brown from "Brighton Rock" Author: Graham Green Crime: A sociopathic gangster Pinkie takes part in a slew of crimes, including a murder. Regan MacNeil from "The Exorcist" Author: William Peter Blatty Crime: Demonic possession Regan is possessed by a demon and aside from various paranormal upsets, she causes the death of a priest sent to exorcise her. Carrie White from "Carrie" Author: Stephen King Crime: Mind control Uses mind control to burn down a school full of students. Kevin from "We Need to Talk About Kevin" Author: Lionel Shriver Crime: School massacre After a lifetime of psychopathic behaviour, Kevin eventually carries out a massacre at his school. Damien from "The Omen Author: David Seltzer Crime: Antichrist Damien is literally the son of Satan. That's pretty evil... Gage Creed from "Pet Semetary" Author: Stephen King Crime: Murder Returns from the dead and murders his mother and a doctor. William from "All Summer in a Day" Author: Ray Bradbury Crime: Bullying William and the other children prevent Margot from seeing the sun (they live on Venus where the sun is only visible for an hour every seven years). The baby from "Rosemary's Baby" Author: Ira Levin Crime: Antichrist Rosemary's Baby is also the Spawn of Satan. It seems to cause Rosemary's neighbours to do some nasty things indeed. Andy Evans from *Speak" Author: Laurie Halse Anderson Crime: Sexual assault and violence After sexually assaulting someone, Andy is generally a nasty piece of work, but when he carries out a final vicious attack, it proves to be his undoing. Ben Lovatt from "The Fifth Child" Author: Doris Lessing Crime: General delinquency 5 After a lifetime of maniacal behaviour, Ben seems set on a path of terrible and violent crime. Rosalind from "In the Woods" Author: Tana French Crime: Manipulation Rosalind lies to someone in order to convince them to carry out murders on her behalf - and all just because she can. Jack Merridew from "Lord of the Flies" Author: William Golding Crime: Bloodlust, dissent and murder Jack seems hell-bent on causing a rift in the makeshift society, and eventually starts killing people. The St. Trinians Girls Author: Ronald Searle Crime: General delinquency The pupils of St. Trinians School are an unmanageable group of hoodlums, who are more or less impossible to control. Matilda from "The Monk" Author: Matthew Lewis Crime: Magic Matilda seduces a monk, manipulates him, and eventually 'destroys' another girl with magic. Frank Cauldhome from "The Wasp Factory" Author: Iain Banks Crime: Murder Frank kills a few of his family members, as well as a variety of animals. Pandora & Marmaduke from "Who was Oswald fish?" Author: A.N. Wilson Crime: Murder by coercion This terrible twosome blackmail their parents and drive them to suicidal despair. Mary Katherine Blackwood from "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" Author: Shirley Jackson Crime: Poisoning Mary poisoned her parents, aunt and younger brother with arsenic. L vereading 13D

The 28 Naughtiest Children from Literature

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Children's books are filled with mischief and mayhem, and of course with naughty children. The children in adult literature can be a whole lot naughtier and even pure evil. This infographic from Love...


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