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25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques

14. VARIABLE BRAINSTORMING. 25 What is the variable in question? Identify all its variations and brainstorm on them. 15. NICHE, Mix and match the variable variations in #14 and brainstorm on them. 16. CHALLENGER. Challenge every USEFUL BRAINSTORMING TECHNIQUES assumptions. 17. ESCAPE THINKING. Flip each assumption and review the situation from the new angle. 18. REVERSE THINKING. Do the opposite of what people would typically do. 19. COUNTERACTION BUSTING. What counteracting variables are there? How can you eliminate the counteraction? 1. TIME TRAVEL. What would you do if you were in a...different time period? 2. TELEPORTATION. Different place? 3. ATTRIBUTE CHANGE. Different gender/ age /race /intellect /nationality /etc? 4. ROLESTORMING. What would you do if you 20. RESOURCE AVAILABILITY. What would you do if money, time, people, supplies are not issues at all? 21. DRIVERS ANALYSIS. How can you magnify the drivers and eliminate opposing factors? 22. EXAGGERATION. Enlarge the goal. Shrink it. Multiply it. What would you were someone else? 5. ICONIC FIGURES. What if you were an iconic figure? Buddha? Jesus? Mother Theresa? Winston Churchill? Albert Einstein? 6. SUPERPOWERS. What if you had superpowers? 7. GAP FILLING. What does it take to fill the gap? 8. GROUP IDEATION. Brainstorm in a group. 9. MIND MAP. Start with your goal in the center, and branch into as many sub-topics as do in each situation? 23. GET RANDOM INPUT. Get a random stimuli (word, image, object, etc) for inspiration. 24. MEDITATION. Meditate on the situation. 25. WRITE A LIST OF 101 IDEAS. Don't stop until you have at least 101. needed. 10. MEDICI EFFECT. Identify strategies from seemingly unrelated fields. 11. SWOT ANALYSIS. What are the Strengths? Opportunities? 12. BRAIN WRITING. Write your ideas, rotate within a group, and build off each others' ideas. 13. TRIGGER METHOD. Brainstorm on ideas that Weaknesse reats? "trigger" you until you find the best solution. © Celestine Chua; Full article:

25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques

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25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques. Useful for managers, project team members, students and teachers.


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