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The 21st Century Dad: Happy Father's Day!

The 2lst Century Dad The American father's role has begun to take shape into a more involved father figure. In the last couple decades, dad has begun sharing more of the child-rearing responsibili- ties, and America is now starting to celebrate and recognize the value of "dad" more than ever before! The 21st Century Dad vs. The Man of Yesterday The change in the labor force has affected dads all over America. 100% Last year in the U.S., just 66.8% of men had jobs, the lowest on record. 90% 80% Whereas 55.5% of women 70% had jobs, approaching record highs. 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 1900 1920 1976 2012 Traditional Man Jobs: Then & Now -1900- 1920s -1939- 1950s WWI Era WII Era Post-WWII Era 21st Century • Factory • Mll • Mine • Farming • Bankers • Aviation/Pilots • Oil tycoons • Doctors • Lawyers • Movie Studio • Executive Management • Soldier "Pink Collar Jobs" Twice what it was in 1990s! • Male Nurses • Teachers • Receptionists • Male Hygenists • Bank Teller • Cashier • Legal Assistant Blue Collar Jobs • Construction • Plumbers • Iron & Steel Workers • Electricians • Clerical • Fast food • Traveling Salesmen • Athletes Presidents • Automobile Manufacturers • Architects • Bootleggers Dad's Relationship with his Children Hours per week fathers spend alone with children: 6.5 2.6 1962 2012 Activities dad spend doing with their children regularly: 93% 94% 63% 53% Help with homework Talk with child Have a meal Take child to or about their day with child from activities Time fathers spend alone with their children in comparison with mothers: 50% 24% 1962 2012 How much harder is it to be a How does dad feel he's dad now vs. 20–30 years ago? raising the kids vs. his own dad? 63% 50% 47% of dads say the say better say it's harder same now Introducing the More Involved Daddy 32% 20% 50% of fathers took care of their children at least once a of dads take equal share of child care responsibili- ties, up from 41% 20 years ago. of fathers were the primary caretaker of kids under 5 in 2010 week in 2010 10 Average times children ages 3–5 were read to by their fathers per week in 2006 Men have 5 fewer The number of hours employed fathers work more than em- hours per week compared with the av- erage employed mother. ployed mothers per week. Interesting facts about American Dads There are 70.1 Million Dads in America 25.3 million 1.8 million 154,000 are married with children are stay-at-home dads caring for are single fathers younger than 18 287,000 children Fathers have as much or more impact as mothers in the following areas of their childrens' lives: Education Social Academic and career Behavior Willing to try new things and accept new challenges, maintaining good mental health SUccess, especially in math and science Self-Esteem More self-confident and self-reliant Father's Day Being Celebrated by More Father's Day was first celebrated on June 19th, 1910 and was founded by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington to honor her father, who raised 6 children as a single parent. $11 billion was spent globally on Father's Day gifts in 2011 73% $70 million of that was spent in the U.S. $70.1 $67.8 of Americans will celebrate or acknowledge Father's Day $64.3 Sonora Smart Dodd Father's Day Founder William Jackson Smart Inspiration of Father's Day 2009 2010 2011 Dads all over the world, we appreciate and value you! Do you have a 21st Century Dad? Be sure to tell him you value him & appreciate him this Father's Day! Also, be sure to learn how to protect someone that's valuable to you at! Follow Our Father's Day Campaign! Father's Day Campaign Want more Father's Day entertainment? We've got videos, blogs, and press releases on our website and social media websites. f t uba Blog: Resources: TRUSTED QUOTE US Census Bureau special_editions/cb11-ff11.htm Father's Day Spending (Infographic] Stay-at-home dads: More men choosing kids over career National Retail Federation "Mad Men': If Don Draper Lived In 2012 [Infographic] draper-lived-in-2012-infographic/ 20 Surprising Jobs Women Are Taking Over 1950's Lifestyles and Social Trend Modern Times 1950-Present Day Interesting Facts on Working Women in the 1900s A Century of Change: America, 1900-1999 Wages, working hours, unions, child labor, benefits, men vs. women Gender and Work Women to outnumber men in U.S. workforce. As men suffer more job losses, historic shift expected in fall Bureau of Economic Analysis: Bureau of Labor Statistics Labor force in the United States Workforce 2000 Facts. Labor Day 2000, 10 Modern Workforce Facts, From the US Department of Labor History of Work Ethic Women And The Work Force Compensation and Working Conditions Traditional Jobs For Men And Women And The Gender Divide What Were Some of the Jobs in the 1900s for Men? Fallen Father's Fathers and Daughters: Eye Opening Facts The Father Factor Daddy Dates Facts About Father's Day Father's Day Infographic 2011 Father's Day (2011) Everything you ever wanted to know about Father's Day 1963 2000- 2012 DID YOU KNOW?

The 21st Century Dad: Happy Father's Day!

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The American father’s role has begun to take shape into a more involved father figure. In the last couple decades, dad has begun sharing more of the child-rearing responsibilities, and America ...




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