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20 Reasons Why Handwriting Is Important for You

20 Ways Handwriting IDE A Is Good for You and Your Studying Stimulation of the 1 brain areas responsible for learning Writing notes by hand involves a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System. It's a sort of filter for everything that your brain processes. It sets higher priorities for the material you're focusing on at the moment, resulting in better information retention. Distraction prevention There's a reason why there are so many apps available to help you focus. There are just too many distractions when you're working on your computer. Using a pen and paper excludes all the possible obstacles, leaving you one-on-one with your thoughts and study materials. Z Improved cognitive function Our brain doesn't get sharper as we age. However, there's a way to prevent the process of brain aging, or to at least slow it down. Practicing handwriting engages motor skills, boosts thinking processes, and improves memory, all of which have a positive influence on the brain in general. If I had never dropped Meditation-like out, I would have never 4 benefits dropped in on this calligraphy class, and Studies prove that writing by personal computers hand influences the brain similar might not have the wonderful typography to meditation. The reason for this is that the process of writing increases the level of neural that they do. activity in specific brain sections. Steve Jobs 5 Positive slowing of the thought process Unlike quickly typing out letters, writing by hand promotes mindfulness and prevents you from rushing your flow of thoughts, which has positive effects. It allows the brain to get more rest, which can then result in improved creativity. 6 Integration and combination of multiple body and brain functions Writing by hand improves brain efficiency. The process of handwriting helps the brain develop functional specialization. It integrates thinking, movement control, and sensation. In other words, multiple parts of the brain get involved in the task at the same time. Improved motor skills 7 Good handwriting requires special hand-eye coordination. Not only that, but the requirements vary for every letter in the alphabet. Therefore, writing by hand also acts as a sort of training for the motor skills needed to perform the right movements. 8 Memory boost Writing notes by hand helps you develop better comprehension of information and its recall. Using handwriting not only helps you memorize the information better, but it also enables you to interpret it more freely, revealing a deeper understanding of the material. I like the process of pencil and paper as opposed to a machine. I think the writing is better when it's done in handwriting - Nelson DeMille 9 More confidence At some point, handwriting can become an interesting challenge. At first, it's a challenge just to learn how to write, but later you can train yourself to write faster or more calligraphically. Overcoming handwriting-related challenges gives you more confidence, along with improved memory, recall, and dexterity. Increased likeliness of 10 achieving goals Studies show that people who write down their goals tend to have higher chances of achieving them. One of the reasons is that people can share the goals they've written down with others. Hence, they have a bigger feeling of responsibility to actually reach them. Help with language learning 11 There's a strong connection between oral and written language; the development of one leads to the improvement of the other. Writing by hand impacts the neurological processes that support literacy skills (including oral language, writing, and reading) and helps the writer gain automaticity and fluency. 日本 12 Engagement of both brain hemispheres As mentioned before, handwriting is achieved through a combination of cognitive functioning and motor skills. No wonder it involves both brain hemispheres! While typing demands very little in terms of brain function, writing by hand is more challenging and demanding, as more of your brain is working. My handwriting was nothing to write home about, and I had this idea that calligraphy was like taking Latin in high school: that it was one of the bricks, the building bricks, that you had to understand about the forms of writing. - Katherine Dunn Enhanced motivation 13 This one can mostly be applied to children who can't write perfectly well yet. It's a task that every child needs to master, and knowing that it's possible helps them stay motivated. After that, the feeling of achievement will help them persevere in further challenges. Stronger 14 self-discipline Learning cursive also helps develop self-discipline. After gaining success a couple of times, there's going to be a desire to move on to a more thorough mastery of the skill. The knowledge of acquiring the skill will be the ultimate objective. And achieving it is only possible with enough discipline. GG Handwriting is a More creativity 15 spiritual designing, Writing words down on paper gives you a stronger feeling of actually creating something. The combination of its meditative nature, moderate even though it appears by means of a material instrument. flow, and steady movement helps handwriting boost creativity. - Euclid Better 16 composition skills Studies done on school students show that those who use pen and paper manage to write longer essays with more complete sentences. It's no surprise that many authors praise handwriting and prefer it over typing out their texts! 17 Improved academic performance There's a connection between good academic performance and good handwriting. When students' writing is legible and confident, their academics usually show improvement, too. Gaining success in handwriting can lead to the improvement of other spheres in the form of a consistent goal-achieving ..... streak. 18 Less "mindless information processing" When you type words on a keyboard, you simply rely on your fingers to select the required letters without any actual thought process involved. On the other hand, writing by hand keeps your brain constantly active, preventing you from drifting off and mindlessly copying information. Sensory 19 motor exercise The movement that happens while writing by hand acts as an outstanding sensory motor exercise. The brain receives feedback from the body's actions, which helps build a stronger connection between what's being written now and what will be read later. Better problem-solving skills 20 There's a connection between good academic performance and good handwriting. When students' writing is legible and confident, their academics usually show improvement, too. Gaining success in handwriting can lead to the improvement of other spheres in the form of a consistent goal-achieving streak. Source • • positively-affects-your-brain/#125820d95705 • ake-you-smarter • • -benefits-learning-cursive • • • • Created by IvyPanda

20 Reasons Why Handwriting Is Important for You

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This infographic gathered the interesting benefits of handwriting and how it is important for the learning process.


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