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20 Apps to be More Effective when Studying

Open Colleges HOW TO BE EFFECTIVE WHEN STUDYING When it's time to buckle down and study, technology can either be a help or a hindrance, but investing in the right tools will go a long way toward ensuring that it not only doesn't distract you, but also keeps you motivated and boosts your productivity. The following 20 apps and gadgets will help you with everything from writing and researching to managing your time more efficiently. BEST STUDY APPS, TOOLS, TIPS & TECHNIQUES Wr| [email protected] Writer RescueTime Evernote [email protected] Writer saves your notes RescueTime can prevent you Evernote is great for saving lists Research shows that music can automatically as you type them in order to prevent anything from being lost when you close a window or open a new from wasting away the hours on Facebook or other non-study related activities. It tracks the time you spend on certain activities, sends detailed reports and data, and blocks distracting websites if you spend more and bookmarks or even whole help you study by enhancing recognition of images, letters web pages. It also syncs your notes across all of your devices, and allows you to attach images and search for specific notes and numbers, but it has to be the document. It runs in Chrome or Firefox, and can save notes right kind of music. [email protected] automatically streams the type of music that has been scientifically using keywords. to a USB flash drive or proven to increase your attention hard drive as a text or pdf file. than a predetermined amount span and help you focus. of time on them. written? Kitten! Strict Workflow Outlets To Go Power Strip Written?Kitten! istudiez A rather unusual study by Taking short breaks to surf the Web can actually make you iStudiez Pro helps you track school assignments and projects, save notes, manage tasks, and organise complicated schedules. It also sends notifications before assignments are Online students must often take Japanese researchers discovered that looking at pictures of cute advantage of any spare moment more productive according to a University of Melbourne study. Strict Workflow employs this technique by requiring you to focus for 25 minutes, and then rewarding you with a quick five-minute break to check your email or browse your favourite websites. to fit in their study time, and the Outlets To Go Power Strip makes it possible to power up virtually anywhere. It's compact and portable, and includes 3 AC outlets for laptops and any electronics with a USB port. animals can make you more productive. Written?Kitten! gamifies your study time by rewarding you with a picture of a cute kitten every time you reach one of your goals. due, and has a few extra features like the ability to add an instructor's email, phone number and office hours, or send all of your data straight to your email address. Questia Brainstorm 5 min 4:55 Inspiration Library Done Questia Noise cancelling headphones Inspiration Nowdothis Questia's web-based library features the largest online collection of magazines, books, If your studying often takes place in busy or loud environments, Inspiration can help you get your thoughts in order, brainstorm ideas, and set daily, weekly or monthly goals for your learning. It enables you to develop ideas and understand new concepts Nowdothis is a simple but efficient tool for tracking tasks. Just enter all the tasks you need to complete, and you'll be given one task at time so you don't feel overwhelmed. Once you're finished with a task, just a good pair of noise cancelling headphones can help you block out distractions. Budget-friendly journals, papers, and articles. It also provides a number of time-saving research tools like organising and saving highlights, bookmarking for quick reference and generating professional citations and bibliographies. options for students include Able Planet's Sound Clarity with idea webs, mind maps and click "done," and move on to diagrams. You can also build your vocabulary with its integrated dictionary and thesaurus. NC510B or Creative's HN-900 headphones. the next one. INSTACALC Zite Zite Instacalc SmartSheet Need to know how many SmartSheet allows you Zite helps you to keep up with the best content from your favourite blogs, websites, and has most of the usual features that other task centimetres are in an inch? to create task lists and assign deadlines to your projects, management apps have, such as setting time and location reminders, but one of its most Instacalc is the perfect even Twitter streams. It's kind of all-in-one calculator that but its most useful feature is the ability to share everything like having your own personal online magazine, because the more you use it, the more it learns about the things you converts just about everything outstanding features is the Moment daily planner. It gives you an overview of all your unscheduled tasks and shows you how you can fit them into your daily routine. from one unit to another. with remote team members. actually want to read. CS word HIPPO Voice Reading Reference Generator Word Hippo CamScanner This Voice Reading app can help With Word Hippo you can type in Constructing, organising and managing academic citations can be tedious, but Reference Research shows that taking notes you get some of your course reading out of the way while you drive the kids to school, a word and get synonyms, definitions, antonyms, and words that rhyme. You can also see how by hand can improve long-term retention, but it can be difficult to Generator makes the whole keep track of handwritten notes. head to work or do the dishes. process easy. It supports books, journals and websites, and allows words are used in sentences and With the CamScanner you can It can also read aloud any text on a webpage you are browsing. scan anything right onto your mobile or tablet by snapping a picture. The scanned documents phrases, place words in different users to build references and contexts, and get assistance with convert them into the required referencing style. conjugation and pronunciation. can then be converted to PDF and sent to your laptop or other devices. Open Colleges Australia's leading online educator Call: 1300 409 227

20 Apps to be More Effective when Studying

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When studying, technology can be a distraction or a great enabler. Understanding the techniques that best work for you is key. Find here 20 apps and tools you can use to boost your productivity today.


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