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14 Important Piano Terms All Musicians Should Know

Important 14 MUSICAL PIANO player terms to make you a better Musical terms that are important to know 2 Allegro Moderato (play fast) (medium tempo) Allegro is like a rabbit trying to win a race! Moderato is like taking a walk in the park 3 Andante Largo (play medium slow) (play very slow) Andante could be used to describe a turtle on a Largo is like a hippo on a lazy day Sunday afternoon stroll 5 Staccato Legato (short and choppy) (smooth and connected) Staccato is like a frog quickly jumping from one lily pad to the next! Legato is like a sailboat coasting smoothly along the water Piano Forte (soft, dynamic) (loud, dynamic) Piano is like two people whispering quietly Forte is like a marching band playing during a football game 10 Crescendo Decrescendo (gradually get louder) (gradually get softer) Crescendo sounds Decrescendo is what happens as you're running away from like a train getting closer! someone yelling at you 11 12 Sharp Sign Flat Sign (accidental, play note a half step higher) This is like taking the next step up the ladder (accidental, play note a half step lower) Lower - like a flat tire! 13 14 Fermata Ritardando (hold note longer than the indicated time value) (gradually slow down) Ritardando is like A fermata is like hitting the breaks! a bird's eye that wants you to hold up for a bit and have a staring contest! te takelessons Want to learn more? Sign up for lessons with a great piano teacher today at

14 Important Piano Terms All Musicians Should Know

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New to learning piano? To become an even better piano player, you'll need to know the common terms you'll come across in your sheet music. Test your knowledge with this infographic!




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