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12 Most Misunderstood Words In English

12 MOST MISUNDERSTOOD WORDS IN ENGLISH 1.HISTORICAL 3.LESS 2.NOVEL You think it means: fewer You think it means: historic You think it means: any book It means: a smaller amount It means: pertaining to the past, but not necessarily It means: a book that is of uncountable nouns a work of fiction important to it or a part of it 5.INFAMOUS 4.CONTINUAL 6.SYSTEMATIC You think it means: famous You think it means: systemic, pertaining to or affecting the body as a whole You think it means: with no It means: having an extremely interruptions bad reputation; never used in It means: duration over a long It means: involving a system, method, or plan; orderly a positive manner period of time, not necessarily without interruption 8.PENULTIMATE 7.PROSCRIBE 9.PRECOCIOUS You think it means: above, beyond, or better than You think it means: prescribe; to order the use of something, such as medication; to direct or dictate You think it means: cautious or misbehaving ultimate It means: next to last It means: unusually advanced in development, It means: to denounce, especially mentally banish, outlaw, or exile 11.MOOT 12.NAUSEOUS 10.ALTERNATE You think it means: no longer open for debate or closed to You think it means: alternative You think it means: nauseated discussion; factually wrong It means: to interchange It means: to induce nausea It means: open for debate; successively or regularly an assembly of authoritative persons; or an argument or discussion Follow Us on Twitter All rights reserved © 2011 Grammarnet

12 Most Misunderstood Words In English

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
English can be a confusing language, especially since many words look like they can mean one thing, but are misused because they don't mean like what they seem. This infographic list the 12 commonly m...



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