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10 Ways to Use Your Business Degree in Life

10 WAYS TO USE YOUR BUSINESS DEGREE IN LIFE A business degree can open the door to employment in numerous occupations and industries, and allow you to pursue a lifelong career. Learn about 10 ways you can make your business degree work for you. 231 #1 PURSUE HIGHER EDUCATION High School Diploma Bachelor's degree: Earn 65% more than those with a high school diploma Master's degree: Earn 20% more than those with a Bachelor's degree Doctoral degree: Earn 23% more than those with a Master's degree #2 START YOUR OWN BUSINESS and comprise of 78% of the nation's 26 million firms, 2,356 GRAND OPENING 78% people move to entrepreneurship each day, collectively earning $951 BILLION per year #3 GET A JOB IN SALES 50%OFF Occupation with a Bachelor's Degree 2010-2011 Median Annual Pay % Change Sales Manager +3.16% Sales Engineers +2.22%. *9110 Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agent +2.66% 11,12 Technical and Scientific Sales Representative +1.41% *1314 # 4 WORK AS A MANAGEMENT ANALYST There are 538,950 management analyst positions in the United States *15 2010-2011 Median Annual Pay % Change +0.42% #5 BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT Accountants prepare and examine financial records to ensure that JOURNAL ENTRIES these records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. There are A 1,085,150 accounting/auditing jobs in the United States.17 Accounting careers require a bachelor's degree 2010-2011 Median Annual Pay % Change +1.88% 18 #6 WORK AS A PERSONAL FINANCIAL ADVISOR Give financial advice to people, help with investments, taxes and insurance decisions. Most personal investors work with an insurance agency or are self-employed. .24 Personal investment careers require a bachelor's degree There are 161,790 personal finance advisor jobs in the United States *19 2010-2011 Median Annual Pay % Change +2.83% #7 WORK UR FINANCIAL MANAGER FOR A BANK OR AS AN ORGANIZATION'S Bank branch managers are responsible for the financial viability of their branch and develop strategies and plans for long-term financial goals. and a 5+ years of experience bachelor's 5+ degree 2010-2011 Median Annual Pay % Change +3.13% #8 HEAD TO WALL STREET Whether for brokerage, auditing, management, or investment banking, Wall Street employment is on the rise 170,000: Employment 1.4%: growth from Number of Wall Street 2010 to 2011.7 employees.24 /6 #9 WORK FOR A NONPROFIT The non-profit sector employs nearly II million people, which is equal to approximately 10% of the U.S. private workforce with growth expected to reach or exceed 3% in the coming years.2 AANAAAARA ARRARRAAAAA 26% of nonprofits report goals of increasing staff in 2012.3 AAAAAAARAAR AARAAAAAAA E#10 GO FEDERAL 200,000: Number of people in the federal government employed in business careers. Accounting is among the top 5 majors that government employers hire. Business positions by agency Department of Defense: 53,355 Department of Agriculture: 10,679. Department of Treasury: 8,244. Department of Veterans Affairs: 3,908. *SOURCES 1. 2. 3. 4. vs-year-ago-2011-09-15 5. http://www.makı 6. http://www.bls gov/cps/earnings.htm#education 7. http://www.bls gov/OES/current/oes112022.htm#2) 8. http://www.bls gowooh/managemenit/sales-managers.htm 9. htm 10. http://www.bls.gow/ooh/sales/sales-engineers.htm 11. http://www.bls gov/nes/current/oes413031 htm 12. http://www.bls gov/ooh/sales/securities-commodities-and-financial-services-sales-agents.htm 13. http://www.bls.gowoes/current/oes414011.htm 14. 15. htm 16, http://www.bls gov/ooh/business-and-financial/management-analysts htm 17. http://www.bls gov/oes/current/oes132011 htm/ 18. http://www.bls.gowooh/Business-and-Financial/Accountarits-and-auditors.htm 19. htm 20. 21. http://www.bls gov/oes/current/oes113031 htm 22. http://www.bls gov/ooh/management/financial-managers.htmftab-1 23. 24. http://www.mccombs,aspx 25. http://www.bls.-gov/ooh/sales/home htm 26, a_Consultant Do.html 27. http://www.bls gov/oes/current/naics4_541600.htm

10 Ways to Use Your Business Degree in Life

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Take a look and learn ten ways you can make a business degree work for you.




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