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10 Ways to Integrate Montessori into Your Home

10 WAYS TO INTEGRATE MONTESSORI INTO YOUR HOME SET UP A LEARNING SPACE Put materials on low shelves where kids can reach them Choose child-sized furniture and tools FOLLOW YOUR CHILD'S INTERESTS Observe what sparks your child's interests Provide tools and materials to indulge these curiosities PROVIDE HANDS-ON LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES Involve your child in household responsibilities Give him or her age- appropriate tasks to do independently TEACH BY EXAMPLE Demonstrate a new activity for your child Don't verbally correct mistakes-instead, model the right way ENCOURAGE FREE MOVEMENT Don't restrict activities to one specific area Allow your child to move and explore freely at home ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO SET THE WORK CYCLE Resist setting schedules for learning activities Encourage self-satisfaction with work over rewards or punishments INCORPORATE OUTDOOR 7 EXPLORATION Open the outdoors for independent exploration Set safety boundaries, but otherwise allow freedom of choice MODEL PROPER 80 COMMUNICATION Always speak in an adult voice using proper vocabulary Don't correct mistakes- simply repeat the word the right way PRACTICE PATIENCE Resist doing something for your child to make the work go faster Let your child work it out independently so the skill sticks INCORPORATE CHOICE 10 INTO EVERY ACTIVITY Avoid directives in favor of offering at least two options For instance-you wear these shoes or those shoes PROVIDED BY: STARWOOD MONTESSORI SCHOOL WWW.STARWOODMONTESSORI.COM SOURCES: top-10-montessori-principles-for-natural-learning/ 2015/11/five-ways-to-apply-montessori-at-home-.html montessori-home-parenting-tips-under-3/

10 Ways to Integrate Montessori into Your Home

shared by BrittSE on Jan 20
Each child has different interests and passions. Rather than trying to direct them, figure out what they are interested in and help them explore! View this infographic for more on integrating Montesso...


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