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10 unknown facts about math

tel ( ートメー hxh KE 9. Did you know that equal to 1? Mind-boggling. but here is an example to prove it: Es A= 9. 10. There are 1 shapes of constant width = 0.111... 9• = 9. 0.111.. 1 = 0.999... other than the circle. One can even drill square holes. 2. Have you heard about a Palindrome Number? It is a ye=Z 9. The equal sign '=' was invented by an English mathematician in 1557. F-quD Separation number that reads the same backwards and forward, e.g. 12421. In his book Robert Recorde explains: '.to avoid the tedious repetition of these words: "is equal to", I will set (as I do often in work use) a pair of parallels, or Gemowe lines, of one length (thus =), because no two things can be more equal. 10 ABOUT MATH -A UNKNOWN Facts 3. Americans called mathematics 'math' Ib7d arguing that 'mathematics' Q = C functions as a singular noun so 'math' should 8. The easiest way be singular too to remember the 4. value of Pi (3.1415926) is by counting each word's letter in 'May I have a 'FOUR' is the only number in the English language that is spelt with the same number of letters as the number large container of coffee' R=RAt his teens, Evariste Galois invented an entirely new branch of math, called group theory, B-VoI to prove that "the quintic" an equation with a term of x5-was not solvable itself そ 。 S.The number 5 =215 Zh-4 is pronounced as 'Ha' in Thai language.555 is also used by some as slang for 'HaHaHa'. by any formula. KE M A=k 9,96 6. Some math problems are designed to be confounding, like British philosopher Bertrand Russell's paradoxical "set of all sets that are not members of themselves." If Russell's set is not a member of itself, then by definition it is a member of itself. rolion o Ei A= to QNC PSS Created by P-IV-1°R. V R Separation

10 unknown facts about math

shared by AndreaLee on Dec 19
10 math facts you didn't know! Infographic created by I'm sure you'll find something new for yourself!



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