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10 Tips for Choosing Your University

10 TIPS FOR CHOOSING YOUR UNIVERSITY What is the most important thing to you when choosing We know how tough the process is, so we've a university? Theprogramme and curriculum? Location? Career prospects? Or is it the student life come up with a list to help you make that all-important decision. and environment that the institution offers? Regardless of which option you pick, the process of choosing the right university can be overwhelming and challenging as you sift through voluminous in formation and try to answer all those questions popping inside your head. Ultimately, the right choice is one that not only meets your interest and ability, but also provides a balance between all of your expectations. So here goes... WHAT ARE YOU 1 INTERESTED IN? 70% Is your favourite sub ject economics or mathematics? Or are you into the arts? Pick a programme that you can see yourself studying, and enjoying. of SMU students do a DOUBLE DEGREE OR SECOND MAJOR You can pick from 15 double degree combinations or 21 second majors! ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR THE PROGRAMMES YOU ARE INTERESTED IN? Check out ab out the requirements for the programme you're interested in, and find out how you will be evaluated and assessed. To find out the entry requirements for SMU programmes, visit admissions-requirements CONSIDER THE CAREER PATHS YOU 3. MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN « » Studying a programme you're interested in and choosing that path as a career might not always match. Apart from thinking of what you want to study, think about what you would like to do too. WHAT ABOUT 4 EMPLOYABILITY? What's next after graduation? Finding a good job of course! Instead of focusing on the rankings of the university, find out the employability of their graduates and where they are employed to have a better gauge of how your future will pan out. 75% CLINCHED JOBS FROM THE 2012 GRADUATE EMPLOYMENT SURVEY WITHIN ONE MONTH OF GRADUATION SMU graduates registered a robust EMPLOYMENT RATE OF 92% 61% RECEIVED TWO TO SIX JOB AND HIGHER STARTING SALARIES OFFERS PER PERSON 5 ASK! Visit the university's website to find out more. Try to gather feedback and testimonials from your seniors and students from the universities. Do not hesitate to contact the programme coordinators with questions and seek advice from the admissions team. QUESTIONS? CONTACT OUR FRIENDLY SMU UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS TEAM CALL (+65) 6828-0980 OR EMAIL [email protected] SG HOLISTIC EDUCATION? WHAT OTHER FACTORS 6. ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU? The programme you want might be offered in many universities. Since you'll be staying in the school you choose for at least three years, do consider other factors that are important too, such as location and accessibility, development of soft skills and class size. ACCESSIBILITY? EMPLOYABILITY? RELEVANCE? WHY ARE INTERNSHIPS AND OVERSEAS 7 EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES IMPORTANT? Find out if the university provides opportunities for overseas exposure for the programme you're interested in. Overseas exposure and internships expand your horizon and allow you to experience di fferent learning environments. SMU aims to provide EQUAL OPPORTUNITY I for every student to take up a 7////II GLOBAL EXPOSURE PROGRAMME More than 84% OF SMU STUDENTS TRAVEL ABROAD. The 2013 graduating cohort have gone for at least one such programme. We have exchange programmes with All our students complete a minimum of 2183 10 WEEKS IIIIII of internship, with more than /////II. OVERSEAS UNIVERSITIES 50% OF THE STUDENTS Students travel to having done 2 TO 6 internships. >20 COUNTRIES FOR >10,000 COMMUNITY SERVICE COMPANIES EMPLOY SMU INTERNS! HOW RELEVANT AND CURRENT 8. ARE THE PROGRAMMES? Besides academics, find out if the faculty members are also successful industry practitioners, so that they can add value to you by providing insights on real-world developments and situations. 6. GET A LIFE! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. After all, tertiary life is not just about studying - taking part in CCAS is also the perfect chance for you to learn new skills and make new friends outside of your school. FIND OUT HOW VIBRANT, EXCITING AND DIVERSE SMU STUDENT LIFE IS HERE HTTP://ADMISSIONS.SMU.EDU.SG/CONTENTAIBRANT-STUDENT-LIFE 10 SEE IT FOR YOURSELF! Check out the open house of the university you're interested in to get a feel of how vibrant the campus is, and take the opportunity to speak to the programme managers and students. SMU OPEN HOUSE SMU OPEN HOUSE 1 & 2 MARCH 2014 IF YOU'RE UNABLE TO VISIT THE CAMPUS, EXPLORE ONLINE AT HTTP://ADMISSIONS.SMU.EDU.SG OR WATCH OUR VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. CONNECT WITH US ON f y g* P O in For information on admissione, please visit SOURCES Brought to you by the Ofice of Corporate Communications and Marketing. Singap ore Management University SMU Accurate as of 23-01-2014. SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY

10 Tips for Choosing Your University

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We know the process of choosing the right university can be overwhelming and challenging as you sift through voluminous information and try to answer all those questions popping inside your head. So w...


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