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10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online

10 Your Kids Can Learn Online As teachers and elearning experts say, "Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow's skills today." Modern children start taking interest in mobile gadgets much earlier than they can read. Consider this an opportunity! Use educational apps and online services to build skills in your kids and teens. And remember, if a child can't learn the way that you teach, you should teach the way that a child can learn. With mobile apps, you can turn learning that may be challenging into funny and useful entertainment. Learn to Read Use smartphone and tablet apps to teach your toddlers alphabet. There are also applications, which will be useful for much older kids. They will help you choose some interesting books for them to read. ABC Go OS: age 2+ Skybrary by Reading SIybrary age 2+ Become a Mathematical Genius Teach your toddlers math concepts by involving them into interactive activities. They will never have problems with mathematics or geometry while studying at school. Marble Math unior OS: age 3+ artgig 2 2 + 5 = Math Training for Kids age 3+ IIIIIIIIII Develop Creativity The Lego blocks were a favorite toy for any kid before the mobile age. These days Lego is replaced by computer games with the same rules. It's all about placing blocks to build anything one can only imagine. Minecraft OS: MINECRAFT age 4+ Build with Chrome by Google O LEGO age 4+ Learn to Plan Planning and organizational skills are essential for school and everyday living. They will be even more important as your child grows up. Apps can help preschoolers and high school students manage to-do lists, keep track of class schedules and due dates. All from within an app. What's Today TODAY OS: PLAN age 4+ inClass OS: age 4+ Improve Grammar & Language Skills Kids will surely like interactive games, which can teach them how to insert punctuation marks, conjunctions, and prepositions. Tweens and teens will also appreciate applications helping to build sentences correctly, and thus, write essays better. Fun English Games www FunEngisnGomes age 5+ Hemingway Editor C Hemingway age 10+ Build Tech Creation Skills Children like playing computer games and parents can show them how all these games are created. Even if your kid doesn't become a programmer or game designer in future, these services will help to develop math and logic concepts, computer and software proficiency. Scratch by MIT www SCRATCH age 7+ Made with Code w Made w Code Google age 7+ Learn to Surprise With a trick of a disappearing card or coin, a child can surprise friends during a party. After gaining knowledge on investing in stocks and shares, kids may even teach their moms and dads a thing or two about money. Snap Vanish Quarter Trick Learn Free Magic tricks age 8+ Stock and Shares by BrainPOP Brain POP age 8+ Do Internet Research in a Smart Way Internet search is very easy and complicated at the same time. Children can be confused when it comes to finding trustworthy sources or asking correct questions. Start with safe apps and preferences (i.e., Google's SafeSearch) to teach kids basics. After they understand how it all works, dive deeper with more complicated knowledge and tricks. YouTube Kids OS: age 4+ Google Search Education Google age 8+ Get New Useful Skills With help of mobile gadgets, your kid can develop skills considered offline-only not long ago. E.g., today it is not necessary for parents to buy a real guitar to teach a child how to play it. Use mobile apps instead! Gibson Learn & Master Guitar OS: Gibsun age 10+ Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks OS: GUITAR TRICKS age 10+ Develop Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Those, who think critically, are open to new ideas and perspectives. They are willing to ask questions, analyze and challenge belief systems. According to the Wall Street Journal, jobs that require critical thinking have doubled since 2009. Since demand for critical thinking increases, it is important to develop this skill in kids up to school graduation. Alien Assignment 17 O: age 3+ Logical and Critical Thinking by Future Learning JFuture Learn age 13+ Sources Produced by Bussinger, A. (2014) 100 Learning Resources for Kids Who Want to Be Game Designers and Programmers. PUMPIC Brown, M. (2014) Teaching Your Kids to Avoid Internet Research Pitfalls. Lock, S. (2015) 10 Great Math Apps for Kids. MOBILE MONITORING EdTech Team (2014) 15 Must Have Google Lessons Plans to Teach Students Effective Search Skills. Filucci, S. (2015) 30 Cool Things Kids Can Learn Online. Korn, M. (2014) Bosses Seek 'Critical Thinking,' but What Is That? Hertz, M.B. (2012) Doing Internet Research at the Elementary Level. Learning Rating List. Logical and Critical Thinking by Future Learning. Google Search Education. Google Safety Center. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - Things

10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online

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Careful parents should always think over their kids’ development in advance. Our team carefully selected 20 reliable educational services and mobile apps that help to teach kids 10 new experiences. ...


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