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10 Things You Didn't Know About Math

10 things you didn't know about Math "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." Albert Einstein E = mC Enc %3D 2 Amc ´= (Zmp + Nmn – ms)c %3D nucleus binding energy GREEKS Pythagoreans used little rocks to represent numbers. Hence the name of Calculus was born which means pebbles in Greek. Googol or 10 100 The term was coined in 1938 bry 9-1ycar-dld Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. Inspired 米 American Mathematician HUNDRATH The word 'hundred' derives from old Norse word 'hundrath It meant not 100 but 120. 120 100 HUNDRATH HUNDRED The number 5 in Thai. 1011100 M01010 ルい 11100U 1010100 01100 01110 0010 510011001 00110001011 11 10 check out this picture =) 555 :D The number 5 is pronounced as 'Ha' USERS ONLINE in Thai language. 11 10 On slang 555 = "HaHaHa" is true (onscrollingdown) LOG OFF MO1001 OO ZERO SPOR Zero is the only number which can not be repre- sented by Roman nume- rals. The name 'zero' derives from the Arabic word sifr which also gave us the English word 'cipher' meaning 'a secret way of writing'. Death and 4 In 1995 in Taipei, citizens were allowed to remove 4 from street numbers because it sounded like death' in Chinese. Raga Mans ANAGRAM Ме asthmatic Mathematics 0, E, students 50 students IF THERE ARE 50 STUDENTS IN A CLASS Fillaone Bill Heil Chris McCarthy 1976.04.05 1976.04.05 VIRTUALLY CERTAIN THAT TWO WILL SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY CIRCLE graa nc² Among all shapes with the same area circle has the shortest perimeter X= Vazx Among all shapes with the same perimeter a a X +bX+ circle has the largest 4=6-4a ofix)za(x area BERTRAND RUSSELL "Mathematies is the subject in which we never know what we are talking about nor whether what we are saying is true." - Bertrand Russell CREATED BY M MYMATHDONE We solve your math problems! Sources: II ODOD 血 110 T1011

10 Things You Didn't Know About Math

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Do you consider yourself as a math geek? Do you think you know all about Math? Don't be so sure. Check out our new infographic and prepare to be surprised!



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