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10 Summer Camp Souvenirs

10 SUMMER CAMP SOUVENIRS Summer camp is a joyous experience. When your kids finally come back home, their bags and minds will be a little fuller than when they left. Let's take a look at what your kids might bring back from summer camp. Arts and Crafts From branch weavings to wood carvings to tie dye shirts, camp offers a plethora of opportunities for your kids to exercise their creativity and get a little messy in the process. What to do Don't discourage their sudden love of crafting, but help them understand that there are only so many dream catchers and acorn mobiles that will fit in your house! Pieces of Nature Upon unpacking your intrepid camper's bag, you see a small collection of pinecones, sticks, rocks, and maybe even the rare arrowhead. What to do Prior to camp, urge your child to not collect any of nature's wonders. If every kid at camp took home stones and pinecones, there wouldn't be much nature to enjoy. As the saying goes, take only pictures, leave only footprints. But if you find that your kids brought home some natural collectibles all the same, find a safe place for them. They are as prized as trophies and offer a small piece of camp that kids can take with them wherever they go. Independence Summer camp may have been your kid's first time away from home and away from you. Granted, camp still offers plenty of adult supervision, but it also provides new responsibilities and a sense of independence. What to do Don't be too surprised when your kids make their beds and do their chores without you having to ask.Enjoy it and consider giving them new, simple responsibilities, though keep in mind they are still just kids. In the pandemonium of unpacking, laundry, and packing, your kids may have Another Camper's accidentally shoved a bunkmate's Clothes underwear or jacket into their own bags. What to do Try to get a hold of the camper's contact information to return the stray items of clothing. Camp Songs You can't have summer camp without camp songs. Even if your kids aren't singers, by the time they return, they will have plenty of tunes to serenade you and the family with. What to do The songs will pass with time, so just let them happen. If things do get a little out of hand, prohibit singing during meals and at night. Friendship Bracelets Be prepared to find a rainbow of friendship bracelets in your child's luggage. What to do Keep them safe in a separate drawer or container. Never throw them away. Awards and Achievements From event trophies to leadership certificates, summer camps recognize campers for their achievements and outstanding character traits. What to do Don't even think about throwing these out! Leave plenty of shelf or wall space to proudly show off your young camper's accomplishments. Bonds It's amazing how kids will enter camp as complete strangers but leave as best friends. Camp friendships can last a lifetime. What to do Fortunately, technology has made it easy for kids to stay in touch well past camp season. Encourage your kids to send letters, texts, and emails to their camp buddies, and get their calendars ready for camp friend slumber parties. They will happen often. Lessons Your kids will have matured during their time at camp, and they'll bring home quite a few lessons, including: O Sometimes you have to take risks and get outside of your comfort zone. O Understand and embrace diversity. O Everyone has their own stories and backgrounds. What to do Sit back and appreciate how your kids are growing up. O .but we are more alike than you think. Campsickness What to do Help your kids readjust to home life: After two months of new friends, campfires, and color wars, your kids are sure to come down with a case of O Be open and listen to all the great camp stories they have to share. campsickness when they come back home. O Cook up your kids' favorite camp meals. It may not taste the same, but it'll bring back the good memories. O Sign up for next summer! Brought to you by Sleepaway Search |

10 Summer Camp Souvenirs

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Summer camp is a joyous experience. When your kids finally come back home, their bags and minds will be a little fuller than when they left. Let's take a look at what your kids might bring back from s...


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