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10 Signs Of Ovulation

10 Signs or Ovulation Nulationcalend r .com COLLECT. ANALYZE. PREDICT. Each cycle, an egg matures inside one of your ovaries. Once it reaches a certain size it is released from the ovary, this is ovulation day. It is then swept into the fallopian tube where it is carried toward the uterus. To Estimate Count back 15 days for Ovulation Day Next Period LIVES FOR HAVE SEX IN 1 DAY THESE 3 DAYS -6 - 7 YOUR CYCLE OVULATION -8 DAY -9 -10 LIVES FOR 11 5 DAYS -12 FERTILE WINDOW 13 -14 Most Fertile Days How Does Ovulation When Is How Can I Estimate When Determine When I'm Ovulating And Most Fertile? The Best Time I Can Get Pregnant? To Try And Get Pregnant? Sperm can live for up to 5 days, but an egg only lives up to 24 hours after ovulation - unless, of You will increase your chances of getting pregnant if you have sex in the 3 days leading up to and including ovulation day. Most women will ovulate about 15 days before their NEXT period. You are most fertile during the 2 days before ovulation day and ovulation day itself. course, fertilization occurs. 1. CERVICAL 2. MUCUS CHANGES As ovulation approaches, cervical mucus becomes more abundant, MORE ABUNDANT INCREASED takes on raw egg white like consistency, and can usually AND MORE CONSISTENT SEXUAL DESIRE stretch more than an inch Research has shown that women between your finger and thumb. experience an increase in sexual desire when they are most fertile. 4. 3. CERVIX CHANGES BREAST TENDERNESS When you're most fertile, your cervix will be Softer, Higher, more Open and Wetter (SHOW). Some women experience tenderness in their breasts just before or after ovulation. This is related to the hormones in your body, getting ready for ovulation and the potential of pregnancy. 5. POSITIVE OVULATION PREDICTION TEST 6. +0.4F OPKS (Ovulation prediction kits) look for a peak in LH (luteinizing hormone) that happens right before ovulation. Most OPKS require you to pee on a test strip once a day, beginning a week before you expect to ovulate. BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE CHANGES Your BBT (basal body temperature) will rise by about 0.4°F - 0.8°F and stay elevated, AFTER ovulation. This rise is caused by the hormone progesterone, 7. which increases after ovulation and stays elevated until your next cycle. SLIGHT SPOTTING Some women may experience slight spotting due to a drop of estrogen before ovulation. 8. HEIGHTENED SENSES 9. Hormone levels in a woman's body can influence a heightened sense of smell, taste or vision around ovulation time. OVULATION PAIN Some women can experience a sensation and or cramping type pain during ovulation. The pain is felt in the lower abdomen, on one side, being the side of the ovary releasing an egg. 10. SALIVA FERNING A ferning pattern of your saliva is another possible sign of ovulation. There are special microscopes for this purpose, but you could technically use a toy microscope. A ferning pattern is a pattern that looks Like frost on a windowpane. The ferning pattern appears during the LH surge, which occurs 24-48 hours before ovulation. Nulationcalendar COLLECT. ANALYZE. PREDICT. before Ovulatio pays can vary

10 Signs Of Ovulation

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Knowing the signs of ovulation can make a huge difference when trying to conceive. Why? Because you reach peak fertility right before ovulation. Knowing the signs of ovulation helps you identify when ...


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