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10 Scrabble Tips for Beginners

10 Scrabble tips for B. E GL N . N É R S 3 GO FIRST O P PLAY TO WIN (01) Going first and starting the game will give you a slight advantage. This is probably the easiest thing you can do to score some extra points. The opening move gives you control over the board(horizontal word, vertical word, open or closed board). (02) Playing defensively does not work! Play to win and actively use your tiles if you see a good move. Score big on every turn. The more tiles you use the bigger the possibility to get a new high value tile. HOW TO USE TILES BAD LUCK (03) High value tiles (J, Q, X, Z) and medium value tiles (K, F, H, V, W, Y) should be used as soon as possible. This leaves more lower point tiles in your rack. Most bonus words use lower point tiles. (04) Sometimes it is best to exchange all of your tiles. Be decisive about it. Hopeless situations will not become better by themselves. N PLURAL WORDS BOARD MANAGEMENT (06) Make words plural by adding (05) Open up the board if you are behind in score. Keep the board closed if you are ahead. Short words will close the board while long words will open it up. an "S" to the end. Never waste an "S" on your own words(the game only has 4 tiles with this letter). Remember to use hooks. Each S is worth about 10 points. BINGOS WIN GAMES PREFIXES & SUFFIXES (08) Save your tiles for bingos. Bingos need planning and saving of tiles. Gaining 50 points with a bingo can be the difference between winning and losing. Blank tiles should mostly be saved and used for bingos(unless you can get at least 20 points for it). Blanks are worth an additional 30 points. (07) Know the most common English prefixes and suffixes. This will help you get wins from your opponents words. BONUS SQUARES (09) Whenever possible always use bonus squares on the board. O Q WORDS WITHOUT U Double or triple spaces will rise your score and essentially take the same possibility away from your opponent. This is both a defensive and an offensive tactic. (10) Learn Q words without U. The game has only four "U" tiles. Most words with the letter "Q" have "U" as the next letter. If you don't know any "Q" words not followed by "U" then you will be stuck with a "Q" for the rest of the game. 4 BC

10 Scrabble Tips for Beginners

shared by randoh on Oct 21
The best tips and tricks for Scrabble that will help you win more games.


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