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The 10 Most Controversial Topics for 2014

MOST CONTROVERSIAL TEN TOPICS2014 OFOR RELATIONSHIPS and Sexual Relations 57% 33% of those in unhappy relationship 18 D more men than women are bothered if their partners aren't more romantic SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGES STATES still finds 48% have legalized partner attractive center their relationship with GOD same sex Men are most marriage likely to fall in love at first sight than women 32 Considered 28% Couples who earn $20,000 or less argue less frequently compared to those who earn $250,000 to $500,000 breaking-up 33% after watching STATES banned a tv show or same sex movie marriages TERRORISM 55% TOP 10 LARGEST TERRORIST ATTACKS Syria 4.94 Deaths of all terrorist attacks in 85 different countries were heavily concentrated in Ma'a lot Massacre Terrorist Attacks TWA Flight 841 Terrorist Attacks Manhattan Attacks per attack Chechnya Border Attacks Anthrax Attacks World Trade Centre Bombing of 1993 The Wall Street Bombing 26/11 Mumbai Attacks Oklahoma City Bombing 9/11 Attack India 0.42 Deaths per attack Iraq the biggest threat to any country Afghanistan Pakistan Philippines Thailand 62%. 65% 0.77 Deaths 0.78 Deaths FATALITIES INJURIES per attack per attack 1st = sodium thiopental as anesthesia DEATH PENALTY 2nd =pancuronium bromide as paralyzer Rape Lethal Injection 85% 3rd = potassium chloride to induce cardiac arrest The capital punishment legal in 6.7% 34 17,833 states Murder 81.8% Firing Squad 0.2% Slave Revolt 1.9% Gas 0.9% Chamber Burglary 1.7% TOP 5 Electric Chair Lethal gas is produced by dropping either potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide into a pan of hydrochloric acid 13.1% Hanging 0.3% EXECUTIONS BY CRIME Robbery 1608-3003 people under death sentence worldwide *From 1,188 people executed in the US (Jan. 1, 1977 -Dec. 31, 2009) 1.1% GLOBAL WARMING CAUSES & EFFECTS This is due to Carbon Dioxide emissions from In the 1700s humans began emitting more fossil fuels to run our FOSSIL FUELS 2. Greenhouse Emissions = Rising Ocean Levels 1. It's all our fault Increase of earth's average surface temperature BURNING FOSSIL FUELS or from 3. Sea lee are all Melting and Shrinking 4. Each decade has gotten progressively warmer CARS DEFORESTATION 5. CO2 continues to rise TRUCKS FOSSIL FUELS Natural Oil FOSSIL Gasoline FUELS What we can do? Limiting the global average temperature rise to 3.6 degrees will help avoid "dangerous climate change" Coal FACTORIES $1,400,000,O00 10 FACTS ON MARIJUANA LEGALIZING MARIJUANA Proven helpful in treating Estimated revenue if Marijuana will be taxed and legalized Most users never use other illicit drugs O symptoms of a variety of medical conditions 2 Marijuana users use this drug occasionally 9 Marijuana use rates in the Netherlands is similar to that 749,825 39 in the US people were arrested for a Marijuana Law Violation in 2012 Claims about increases in marijuana potency are vastly overstated 8 Has not been shown to cause long-term cognitive impairment Has not been shown to cause mental illness a Has no compelling evidence that it contributes to traffic Allow the medical 20 STATES + accidents and fatalities District of COLUMBIA usage of Marijuana 5 75% of a million people TO are arrested for possession of this drug Has not been shown to increase the risk of cancer HEALTHCARE $50-100K INTERNET USERS. looked online for health information 80% 34% DEATHS due to have read medical issues medical errors 24% looked for online reviews of medicines 18% looked online to find others who have similar concerns 68% 84% 19% of adults of doctors use tablets of smart phone 34 million over 20 years old are obese and unpaid CAREGIVERS provide care to patients aged 18 and older who are ill or has a disability 17% users 74% have medical of children and adolescents overweight uses an iPad apps are obese Patients are concerned with TOP 5 PLASTIC SURGERY 14.6 Million 91% 40% RESULTS of all procedures are done in women COSMETIC SURGICAL PROCEDURE 33% COST RECOVERY 21% TIME cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the US 1 Breast Augmentation 2 Nose Reshaping 3 Eyelid Surgery 4 Liposuction 5 Facelift TOP MINIMALLY 5 INVASIVE COSMETIC PROCEDURE TOP 3 48% Parts of the face treated by injectables Forehead 42% Make up the majority of procedures 1 Botulinum toxin type A 2 Soft tissue fillers 3 Chemical Peel 4 Laser hair removal 5 Microdermabrasion Cheeks 35% ages 40-54 Lips 18% ILLITERACY 1 in 5 98% Highest number of illiteracy rate People in the world are illiterate 66% South & West Asia Sub Saharan Africa Arab States are women 1 in 4 16-19 year old 85% 122 Children in America 93 Teenage girls live below million youth grow up without learning how to read of Juveniles who face trial are illiterate are poverty level and illiterate Million people have basic and below have kids literacy skills out of wedlock ABORTION 4 in 10 1% 61% Women in Termination of pregnancy by the removal of an embryo from the uterus UNINTENDED PREGNANCIES end up in Abortion their 20's of aborting Have 1 or more children 58% women were victims of rape US WOMEN who had Religious Affiliation Unmarried WHY CHOOSE ABORTION? ABORTION 75% Interfere with school or work 73% 56% 69% 75% cannot afford a child Economically Disadvantaged CUTTERAGE 50% don't want to be a single parent DILATATION & EVACU STEM CELL TWO ABILITIES 10 Derived from EGGS less than SELF RENEW DIFFERENTIATE a week old Foundation cells in every organ and tissue inside the body ADULT STEM CELL EMBRYOTIC STEM CELL 2. PARKINSON'S DISEASE Generate replacements for bone and muscle cells that are lost through injury and disease STARTER CELLS Can be coaxed into becoming a variety of other types of cells Stroke Arthritis HEART DISEASE Diabetes skin Burns Birth Defects Studies show that these MAIN They develop into the SAME TYPE of cell as the tissue they reside in cells can be used to TYPES treat a wide ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE range of Diseases Spinal cord injuries References: http:// |GrammarCheck http ahcom/Health/US/storytid=785930 polls/ bttp://wwrom/top-10largest-terrorist-at abortion_statistics/ n-fact-box/ Ap// ecu D=004857 o M stermcelltacIorenrism/

The 10 Most Controversial Topics for 2014

shared by shanemarks3 on Feb 09
This is an infographic on the 10 most controversial topics for 2014. The year 2013 rolls by and now 2014 comes in with a promise. With that promise are some issues that will surely be tackled as the days come.




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