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10 of the most common punctuation errors

6 MOST COMMON PUNCTUATION MISTAKES TO AVOID Below are 10 of the most common punctuation errors people usually make. Lets know how you can avoid making them. TRY NOT TO UTILIZE A TRY NOT TO CONFOUND APOSTROPHE "IT'S" AND "ITS." TO PLURALIZE If you're uncertain about which word to utilize, THINGS simply substitute the word with "it is" or "it has." If the sentence bodes well with the replacement, use "it's." If it doesn't, use "its." Apostrophes are utilized to show ownership and make compressions. They're additionally used to pluralize single capitalized or lowercase letters, contingent upon which style direct you follow. 1 TRY NOT TO OVERUSE COMMAS 3 Using such a large number of commas can likewise be linguistically erroneous. For instance, a comma graft happens when you interface two free provisos with just a comma rather than a comma followed by a planning combination. AVOID MISSING TRY NOT TO UTILIZE COMMAS DASHES AND HYPHENS CONVERSELY Speak the sentence aloud and take note of Only utilize a hyphen when you're interfacing any breaks in your speech. Insert commas at least two words. Likewise, retain these when you pause or when you change gears principles for utilizing dashes accurately. within a sentence. 4 5 TRY NOT TO UTILIZE SEMICOLONS AND COMMAS CONVERSELY by and large, just utilize a semicolon in places where you could likewise utilize a period. You ought to likewise never utilize a semicolon instead of a comma before a planning combination – that is the thing that commas are for. For more information on Grammar check, Visit: MY ASSIGNMENT HELP M World's No. 1 Assignment Help Company since 2007

10 of the most common punctuation errors

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Here are 6 of the most common punctuation errors people make and how you can avoid making them.


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