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10 Important Steps after a Car Accident

THE 10 MOST IMPORTANT STEPS TO ТАKE AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT 1 STAY IN YOUR CAR There are 4,432 Many fatalities have happened after an initial accident when people are hit PEDESTRIAN DEATHS pedestrian deaths per year, including people who step out again outside their vehicle. onto the road from their cars. 2 TAKE NOTE OF INJURIES Take note of how people are behaving and whether or not they appear injured can help prevent fraudulent claims. It is possible to have an injury manifest later. Every year, there are 120,000 INSTANCES OF WHIPLASH Like whiplash, soft tissue injuries can also present after the crash. 3 ALWAYS REQUEST A POLICE REPORT The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates about 10 million or more crashes go unreported each year. 4 GET CONTACT INFO Get names and contact information of anyone who saw the accident. If there were surveillance cameras around, request the tapes. All of these things can help you objectively determine who is at fault. In some states, you can only recoup your losses if you're 50% found to be less than 50% at fault for the accident. 5 BE ALERT Be alert for any sign of intoxication; if any signs of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol exist, call the police immediately. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $59 BILLION TAKE PICTURES Use your phone's camera to take pictures of the license plate number, driver's license number, and name and policy number for the insurance company. Also take pictures of the damage down to both vehicles and if possible take pictures of the scene with the emergency responders present. 7 DON'T MOVE CARS Don't ever move cars if anyone is injured or if it is dangerous to do so, instead move people to safe distance and wait for the police. Pay close attention to gauges and any smells that might seem abnormal and consider having the car inspected by a mechanic within the first 30 days following an accident. 8 NOTE FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THE CRASH Note anything that contributed to the accident. That includes: PEDESTRIANS OTHER CARS ANIMALS AND MORE... of car crashes are 23% weather-related. 9 LOOK FOR PRE-EXISTING DAMAGE Look for any damage that appears to be pre-existing and could not have been caused by the accident, such as damage on the wrong side of the car. 85% of cars need repair or preventive maintenance. 10 NEVER ADMIT FAULT There are four basic levels of fault: 1. Negligence 2. Recklessness 3. Intentional Misconduct 4. Strict Liability SOURCES: accidents-soft-tissue-injury-claims.htm everything%E2%80%99s-ok.htm cars-need-repair-or-preventive-maintenance Brought to you by: GE |K| GROWE EISEN•KARLEN

10 Important Steps after a Car Accident

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These are steps you should take after an accident, and the statistics to prove their importance.


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