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10 Favorite Arabic Expressions 10 EVERYDAY ARABIC FAVORITE ARABIC EXPRESSIONS A, MARHABA b; Welcome Extremely popular with Arabic speakers. It's usually said with a lot of zest and enthusiasm and is often accompanied by a hug or a kiss on the cheek! When you hear it, you can reply with (=Marhabtain) which literally means: Welcome twice. Lang LAÍ AHLAN WA-SAHLAN hel lo أهلا و سهلا - A popular greeting. - It's usually said after (=Marhaba) - It can be shortened to (= hala: hi) - The reply would be the same; ai RATE ?AL-IAL كيف الحال؟ Ja ; how are you - After greeting To a friend, co-worker or a costumer - The reply would be; (= be-khair: fine) or pla (= tamam: it's all good) LAW AMAT لوسمحت please لو سحت To be polite when you ask for something. Ex: sa ja (= Fengan shay law samaht: a cup of tea, please) - It sometimes comes with orders, ex: w e (= nathef gurfatuka law samaht: clean your room, please) If you're talking to a female it changes to aw (=law samahti) - Lia TAFADHAL Ja; Be my guest! / Go right ahead! / Sure, help yourself! (depending on context) - If you're talking to a female, it changes to a (= tafadhali) - It's said when you give something to other; guest, friend or customer It also can have a mean of (please have a seat) KA SHUKRAN ; thank you Whatever the cases you want to thank other. - The reply would be (= àfwan: you're welcomed) TEA d MABROOK d; congratulation For any succeeded work even if it's small The original word is (= mubarak) which also used for congrats sometimes. Li TASHARRENA ; it is a pleasure Usually it's said after someone say his/her name. Very formal and polite expression to welcome people you meet for the first time or VIP people. I'm soru I suck :AAS آسف sor ry آسف - If who would say it is a female, it changes to nl (= aasefah) - Used as apology if you do something wrong, get late on a appointment or forget to do something for someone. - You don't say it in situation like funeral or when someone tell you unpleasant things happen to him/her (Arab has other expressions for that) Ll MAÀA SSALAMA ; good bye - It's said in the end of the meeting or as an act of parting or السلامة leave-taking. Can be shortened to (= salam: peace) for informal.

10 Favorite Arabic Expressions

shared by everydayarabic on Dec 20
These 10 expressions/phrases are used on a daily basis. It includes: greeting, apologizing, thanks, congrats and polite phrases. If you are interested to learn Arabic or want to visit Arab country you...


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