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10 Degrees Hiring Managers Don't Want To See

10 DEGREES HIRING MANAGERS DON'T WANT TO SEE THE COLLEGE MAJORS THAT WON'T GET YOU AN INTERVIEW Hey, high school seniors hoping to major in Latin - think again. While you probably shouldn't choose a college major based on what's likely to make you the most money, you should think long and hard about getting a degree that'll be sure to get your resume tossed into the nearest wastebasket. UNEMPLOYMENT RATES. 31% Overall 8.3 Recent college graduates Recent grads who hadn't found a job after six months UNEMPLOYMENT RATES FOR RECENT GRADUATES SALARY FOR RECENT GRADUATES 8-10 12-14 7.0% $32,000- AGRICULTURE & NATURAL RESOURCES 7.7% SCIENCE, LIFE /PHYSICAL $32,000 13.9% $36,000 ARCHITECTURE Recent grads sporting architecture degrees are facing double-digit unemployment. This is especially painful considering architecture programs are notoriously expensive and time-consuming. 9.4% HUMANITIES $31,000 LATIN AND LIBERAL Unless your ARTS prospective employer wants you to translate ancient phrases like carpe diem and in vino veritas, this degree won't do much for you. arpe diem 1.3% COMMUNICATIONS, JOURNALISM $33,000 8.2% COMPUTERS AND MATHEMATICS $46,000 5.4 MUSIC THERAPY Music therapy majors learn how the application of a variety of musical styles can improve health and rehabilitation. Yeah . how exactly do you use that when filling out an accounting report? EDUCATION -$33,000 THEOLOGY Stay away from theology unless you intend to become a member of the clergy or teach at the collegiate level. Major- ing in theology may earn you a spot in the afterlife but prob- ably won't earn you a well- paying corporate position. 7.5% ENGINEERING $55,000- 8.1% LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY ENGLISH LITERATURE Like any course of study in the history of something rather than the practice of something, most managers won't see $34,000 you as capable of actually writing any literature. JUSTICE FOR ALL 8.1% $37,000 SOCIAL SCIENCE SOCIAL SCIENCES With a jobless rate threatening to hit double digits, political sciences, sociology and economics 5.4 HEALTH majors are struggling to find work. $43,000- AMERICAN STUDIES 7.3% What this degree tells a company is that your intellectual curiosity doesn't even extend PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL WORK beyond the borders of your native country. It certainly doesn't tell $30,000 an HR director that you're capable of dealing with employees of different backgrounds. 8.3% RECREATION $30,000 PUPPETRY If Sesame Street isn't hiring, you better warm up $30,000- to the idea of serving coffee for a while. 11.1% ARTS POETRY With the possible exception of greeting card companies, few businesses need a poet on staf - unless you plan to write business reports in iambic pentameter. $39,000 7.4% BUSINESS ART HISTORY This degree qualifies you for exactly one job: Curating a museum. Even in creative positions, a degree in history as opposed to say, design, won't make you a hot commodity. SOURCES ยท Rutgers University U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

10 Degrees Hiring Managers Don't Want To See

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Some resumes are more likely to get tossed into the nearest wastebasket than others, make sure your resume doesn't end up getting thrown away.


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