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10 Confusing Homonyms: Part I 10 Confusing Homonyms 1 G What are Gramme Homonyms are words that sound similar or are written the same but with different meanings are a notorious stumbling. All Together Altogether All at once or all in one place: “The family is usually all together at Mom's house on Sunday." Completely or entirety: "Your brother is altogether insane." Appraise Apprise An estimation of financial value: "The Smith family had their home appraised last year." To advise or inform: “We need to apprise Fred of the situation." GGra G Grammar.n Council Counsel G Gra A body of advisors or managers: "I am a member of the Council of Semi-Important Persons." G Gram To advise: "Gina counseled the employees to be patient." G Gram Duel G Dual A contest or fight between two people: "The knights drew their swords and began to duel." Gra Comprised of two parts: "The dual purpose of a security guard is prevention and protection." A paper container used for mailing: "She licked the flap of the envelope and dosed it." Envelope Envelop G Grammar.n To surround or wrap:"The fog began to envelop the campground." G Gramm Foreword Forward A book's introduction:"In the foreword, the writer mentions his wife and children." G Gram Ahead or onward: "Always look forward when moving forward, or you may trip." G Gram Loose net Lose Free or not tight: "The screw on the lamp is loose." Failing to retain possession of something:"I have several scarves in case I lose one." $4 Peddle Pedal o To sell something: "My brother peddles vacuums on the weekends for extra money." G Grammar.n mmar.n A lever operated with the feet: "She was going too fast, and one foot fell off its pedal." G Gr Stationary Stationery Unmoving or in a fixed position: “I did five miles on the stationary bike at the gym." Go NOTE Paper for writing: "The note was written on the hotel's pink stationery." Wreath net G Wreathe A circular decoration: “There was a Christmas wreath of evergreens on every door." To encirde or envelop: “Warning scientists of a coming eruption, smoke began to wreathe the volcano." ©2013 All rights reserved Follow Us on Twitter @grammarnet G G G Omarnet

10 Confusing Homonyms: Part I

shared by MaryS on Sep 12
The Homonym Phenomenon! Words that sound similar or are written the same but with different meanings are a notorious stumbling block for those learning English as a second language. In truth, native s...






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