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World's black market: How big is it?

WORLD'S BLACK MARKET: HOW BIG IS IT? 718 1B50B SECTORS COUNTRIES OB 50B 100B 150B 200B Top 20 Countries Total 1,797.2 Billion TOP 20 Sectors Total 1,508.3 Billion 250B OB TB 5B 10B 1BE10B 1B 10B Other Activities Total 129 Billion Other Countries Total 182 Billion 550B 600B THE ESTIMATED VALUE OF THE GLOBAL BLACK MARKET IS U.S. $ 1.81 TRILLION. Some for prostitution purposes Reference: - A. Duek & M. de Franceschi | Copyright © 2014 by Visual Assessment. All rights reserved. This work or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Visual Assessment. Counterfeit Drugs Prostitution Counterfeit Electronics Marijuana Illegal Gambling Cocaine Prescription Drugs Heroin Human Smuggling and tracfficking* Software Piracy 200B 186B 169B 141.8B 85B 140B Cigarette Smuggling Counterfeit Foods 72.5B 68B 67B S Drugs tracfficking and abuse 63B Counterfeit Auto Parts Counterfeiting and piracy | 50B Ecstasy Music Piracy Oil Theft O Illicit trade, smuggling and theff 49B Counterfeit Toys Fake Shoes Counterfeit Clothing Waste Dumping Art Theft 45B Environmental crimes llegal Logging Methamphetamine Illegal Fishing Wildlife Trafficking Other Activities 37.23B Prostitution 34B Illegal gaming Cable Piracy Video Game Piracy Counterfeit Sporting Goods 30B . 12.5B 128 28,25B 16.07B , 23.5B Alcohol Smuggling Mobile Entertainment Piracy Counterfeit Cosmetics 12B Counterfeit Pesticides 11E 19B _ 8.5B 8.1B 10B .6.5B Movie Piracy Metals and Minerals Smuggling Counterfeit Aircraft Parts Counterfeit Weapons Kidnap and Ransom _5.8B _ 3.4B ЗВ – 2.5B . 2.3B 2B L1.5B International A | Adoptions Counterfeit Watches Arms Trafficking Fake Diplomas and Degrees Book Piracy 1.8E 1.3B 1B 1B 0.6B Nuclear Smuggling al'o Counterfeit IDs and Passports aL'o Counterfeit Money 1B North America Latinamerica L0.081B Organ Trafficking 86L0'0 Counterfeit Purses adovoa Other countries Venezuela DISK az00 Counterfeit Lighters Counterfeit Batteries Oceanid Colombia 14.2B 0.023B Africa Australia 14.5B Thailand Brazil 14.6B Paraguay Turkey Morocco 182B 17B upj Guatemala Philippines 17.16E Indonesia South Korea Saudi Arabia 17.27B France Nigeria Afghanistan 23.1B 13B – 10.64B 10.116B Germany 12.7B 26.2B Russia United Kingdom Israel . 10.1B 9.85B nja, Pakistan 39.78 8.48 bpu Bulgaria 7.3B India - 7.05B 6.7B 49B Hungary Switzerland Canada _ 5.172B 4.741B. 4.6B 4.5B 4.31B 6.53B 62B updor Italy Spain Ukraine 68.6E South Africa Greece 77.8B Egypt Malaysia 3.93B Mexico 3.855B Ireland L08.3B China United States 3.796B Taiwan North Korea - 2.99B 11B _ 2.98B 2.608B Myanmar 2.24B 1.704B 124.06B Romania Kuwaif 1 Billion 126.1B 1.536B United Arab Emirates Argentina Zimbabwe L1.412B 1.1B 1.068B Other Countries 1.004B 625.6B

World's black market: How big is it?

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This work provides a brief summary of the global black market. It shows the most profitable illegal activities as well as the size of the biggest markets. Overall, counterfeiting drugs and electronic...


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