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The World has Less Time Left

ALARMING RISE IN NUMBER OF NEW TERRORIST GROUPS OKLAHOMA CITY, 168 Dead, 650 Injured LITTLETON, 17 Dead, 24 Injured NEW YORK, ARLINGTON, SHANKSVILLE, 2,993 Dead, Unknown Injured LOS ANGELES, 3 Dead, 3 Injured FT. HOOD, 13 Dead, 30 Injured. 168 DEAD -1995 17 1999 DEAD Terrorist groups From New York to Bali, Mumbai to Madrid, ordinary citizens throughout the civilized world are under increasing fear of a deadly attack from unknown individuals, for reasons many of us do not fully understand. Many observers agree that international military and intelligence services are spread too thin and face insurmountable hurdles in the global war against terrorism. The cold, hard fact is that the terrorists are meticulously plan every Fatalities caused by terrorist attacks around the world last detail. Nearly two MAJOR ATTACKS UP TO 2009. and a half years were spent in the planning 2,993 DEAD 2001 and training required to execute the 9/11 attacks. DEAD -2002 DEAD 2009 The total cost to execute the 9/11 attacks was less than $400,000. winning, and there DEATHS FROM GLOBAL TERRORISM. In 2009, the combined yearly turnover of the major terrorist organizations was more than $600 billion. is nothing anyone can do about it, September 11, 2001 is perhaps one of the most infamous dates of our times. On that morning, terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the It is not just developing and third world countries that sponsor terrorism, World Trade Center in New York City. Nearly 3000 WNITE COLLAR even some of the richest and most innocent people died in what has to be one of the world's moet terrorist attack /2009 powerful states sponsor a number of terrorist groups. The global war on terror has resulted in the deaths of over THE WORLD HAS 100,000 innocent civilians. The TRAVEL Co. NUMBER YEAR 2004 2005 2006 2007 OF DEATHS There are more than 150 banned terrorist groups in the world. LESS TIME LEFT PES Number of 5000 Suicide bomnbers conducted 658 attacks around the world in 2010. TRAVEL NOW 4200 This is an increase of almost 20 percent when compared to the HIGH CASUALTY number of suicide attacks in 3700 the previous year. oups formed 2004 TERRORIST 3000 BOMBINGS July 11, 2006 MUMBAI Bomb explosions-209 killed The bombs that terrorists use are specifically made so as to maxinize danage. Terrorists add aetal pieces to the bombs to increase their deadliness, and to deliberately wound as sany people as possible. The most dangerous and the most widely used metal shrapnel added to bombs are steel ball bearings. Other shrapnel material can be anything of suitable size and hardness, such as nails, screws, nuts and thick wire. his meta1 shrapnel is responsible for about 90% of all casualties caused by these bombs. 2500 YEAR YEAR 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 EASY ACCESS TO WEAPONS The driving force behind India's growing econoay. Mumbai has seen its share of horrifying terrorist attacks, from the 13 coordinated boab explosions that killed 257 people, to the 7 boabs that exploded within 11 sinutes of each other on the Suburban Railway. instantly killing 209 people. But none was more disturbing than the attacks carried out on the 26th of Noveaber, 2008. 10 terrorists held Muabai hostage for 3 days. Froa AK-578 to M4s, terrorist groups have easy access to the latest and aost hi-tech weapons. Asple funds allow terrorist groups to procure weapons through a number of ways, the sost coanon being international aras dealers, who win supply to anybody that has the soney to purchase aras. Other major sources include private ailitary companies and eauggling leftover weapons from disbanded regises.

The World has Less Time Left

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From New York to Bali, Mumbai to Madrid, ordinary citizens throughout the civilized world are under increasing fear of a deadly attack from unknown individuals, for reasons many of us do not fully und...




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