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World Bank Results in Europe and Central Asia

WORLD BANK GROUP EUROPE & CENTRAL ASIA: REGIONAL UPDATE 2015 Emerging Challenges ECA'S POLITICAL, SOCIAL, AND ECONOMIC RISKS HAVE INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY SINCE 2005 Uzbekistan: Azerbaijan: first fiscal deficit decline in remittances by 42% in 15 years Turkey: hosting 1.6m Russia: economy expected to contract by at least 3% Kyrgyz Rep: decline in remittances by 34% of Syrian refuges Eurozone: growth forecast down to 1.1% "Grexit" has reappeared as a risk to the Eurozone. Ukraine: > 1m displaced people inside & outside the country Tajikistan: decline in remittances by 33% CZECH REP SLOVENIA BELARUS CROATIA SERBIA BOSNIA & HERZ - SLOTAK HUNGART Kazakhstan: expected growth <1.5%, deficit >3% MONTENECRO ROMANIA MOLDOVA UKRAINE RUSSIA ALBANIA FYR MACEDONA GREECE BULGARIA GEORGIA TURKEY ARMENIA AZERBALJAN KAZAKHSTAN TURKMENISTAN UZBEKISTAN TAJIKISTAN KYRGYZ REP Regional tensions, extrimist movements Without full territorial control Facing internal turmoil Closed borders Post conflict "The West" is affected by the EU slow growth, challenges in finan- cial sector, youth unemployment, while benefitting from low energy prices. Western Balkans: Central Asia and S. Caucasus: Central Asia: Highest number of NPLS in the world. Internal/regional stability challenges of wider significance in Ukraine. Low oil prices, tensions in Ukraine/Russia spill over effects to non oil exporting countries: US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Tensions over The net energy exporters in "the East" see negative impacts of low energy prices, energy importers are affected by Russia contrac- tion, fragility and conflict, migra- tion and declining remittances. - Floods and region's water & energy resources, Lower remittances and migration: 7% of Central Asia are migrant workers in Russia - risk of losing jobs and moving back unemployed. landslides. South Caucasus: Conflict related to disputed land rights, Regional tensions and IDPS. Highest youth unemployment in the world. Threat of extremist tendencies. - Decline in currency values. 2005 ECA & MNA RECORD HIGHEST INCREASE IN COMPOSITE RISK SINCE 2005 2014 COMPOSITE RISK: POLITICAL, FINANCIAL & ECONOMIC WORLD REGIONS EUROPE & CENTRAL ASIA Turkey Ukraine ЕСА SSA SAR Russia Greece Poland Bulgaria SSA: Sub-Saharan Africa EAP: East Asia and Pacific ECA: Europe and Central Asia LẠC: Latin America & Caribbegn MENA: Middle East & North Africa SAR: South Asia Assessing Results ECA SERVES ITS CLIENTS WITH A WIDE VARIETY OF INSTRUMENTS THE WORLD BANK LENDING RAS IFC INVESTMENTS ADVISORY LENDING PORTFOLIO SIZE (ŠM NET COMMITMENTS) INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO SIZE (SM NET COMMITMENTS) TURKEY 15.317.2 1 2 991.2 TURKEY RUSSIA UKRAINE KAZAKHSTAN 3.773.7 1471.2 884.3 ROMANIA 3.712.7 ROMANIA 545.9 AZERBAIJAN UKRAINE 27321 SERBIA 1420.8 1 2423 4 S. EUROPE 3804 UZBEKISTAN 1473.6 GEDRGIA KAZAKHSTAN 1310.8 POLAND 1.149.8 259.2 CROATIA E. EUROPE BULGARIA Z221.5 ALBANIA 1996 245.2 L109.2 901.1 SERBIA 239.0 BELARUS CROATIA 894.0 GEORGIA 7627 BELARUS 139.4 RUSSIA 668.3 ARMENIA 131.2 MOLDOVA 950 ALBANIA 632.6 BOSNIA HERZ 948 5926 TOTAL: $9,103.4 M ARMENIA TOTAL: $28,325 M C. EUROPE I 80.0 BOSNIA HERZ MACEDONIA FYR 590.8 TAJIKISTAN 7.2 369.4 AZERBAIJAN 743 CENTRAL ASIA KYRGYZ REP 273.4 MOLDOVA I 245.7 TAJIKISTAN I 185.1 BULGARIA 538 MACEDONIA 36.6 MONTENEGRO 320 KYRGYZ REP 258 148.9 SLOVENIA 22.7 UZBEKISTAN 18.7 MONTENEGRO 137.0 KOSOVO 120.5 KOSOVO 16.3 CZECH REP 155 HUNGARY 144 RAS PORTFOLIO (SM SIGNED AMOUNT) POLAND 64 LATVIA 02 ROMANIA RUSSIA POLAND BULGARIA KAZAKHSTAN I 6.0 147.9 25.6 13.5 IFC ACTIVE ADVISORY PORTFOLIO, S MN 10.9 UKRAINE 47.4 RUSSIA TAJIKISTAN S. EUROPE E. EUROPE KYRGYZ REP BOSNIA & HERZ ALBANIA SERBIA KAZAKHSTAN 27.1 TURKEY 13.5 | 20.3 GREECE 127 13.5 LATVIA I 23 CZECH REP I1.8 SLOVENIA I 14 SPAIN I12 CYPRUS I 11 TURKMENISTAN I 1.0 123 I1.8 18.3 77 TOTAL: $121.7 M TOTAL: $198.4 M 16.8 MOLDOVA ARMENIA 5,3 ITALY I0.8 46 HUNGARY I0.6 MACEDONIA 4.2 KOSOVO 36 SLOVAK REP I 0.5 KYRGYZ REP I 0.4 BOSNIA HERZ AZERBAIJAN 3.4 GEORGIA BELARUS TURKEY ROMANIA 25 3.2 0.3 3.1 ESTONIA 02 27 UZBEKISTANI 16 C. EUROPEI LO ECA HAS STRONG COUNTRY-BASED FOCUS ON CAPTURING RESULTS IN ALIGNMENT WITH ITS STRATEGY Energy losses in Serbia reduced by 64%, supply interruptions by 87% and voltage drops by 62% in 10 cities. Cadaster disputes in Turkey's courts declined from 4% to 0.3% of total renovated parcels. III In Kazakhstan, improved air pollution monitoring by labs covering 43% of the country. Improved access to electricity for 3m people in Uzbekistan's Samakand area, 553 km of irrigation channels rehabilitated to reduce water logging. 1,400 IDPS in Azerbaijan provided with vocational training, support for 250 microenterprises and extension of more than 1,500 microcredit loans. Availability of piped water in Georgia increased from 8 to 12 hours per day. 套 About 300 SMES and exporters financed, with about 1,500 jobs created in Bosnia & Herzegovina. In Albania, the number of students per computer reduced from 46 to 14 in urban and from 133 to 13 in rural CTT program helped increase higher education enrollment in FYR Macedonia by 10% and coverage of poor children by 16%. Business registration time in Kosovo reduced to 3 days; 35000 new long-term jobs created via public works. In Kyrgyz Repuplic, 317,000 people benefitted from improved water supply. I areas. 520 km of rural roads in Armenia rehabilitated, benefitting 140 communities and creating 40,000 person-months of jobs. Access to regular solid waste management services in Tajikistan increased from 30% to 80%. 2,926 tons of persistent organic pollutants (POPS) eliminated in Belarus. Bank helped introduce new payment system for hospitals in 43 out of 83 regions which resulted in improved efficiency. In Ukraine, IFC helped preserve 70,000 jobs, increase income opportunities for 40,000 farmers and improve electricity supply for 5m people. 247,000 people in Moldova got access to public e-services. Go to and find out more! EAP LAC MENA Albania Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Croatia Czech Rep Hungary agakhstan Moldova Romania Slovenia

World Bank Results in Europe and Central Asia

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A visual snapshot of the World Bank Group's lending and advisory portfolio in the region of Europe and Central Asia.


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