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The Working World

WORKING WORLD From Japan to Brazil, here's a glimpse at the economic conditions affecting workers around the world. India 8.6% Inflation Population China 2.4% i China 1.34B India 1.18B QUICK ECONOMIC SNAPSHOT Inflation rates and population growth vary widely around the world. USA 309.6M USA 1.0% Russia 9.4% Brazil 4.4% Brazil 196.8M 2.3% Russia 141M Japan 126.8M France 0.9% UK 62.2M France 62.9M Japan -0.2% Russia $1.41 India $1.47 Brazil $1.67 U.K. $2.26 China $5.59 France $2.72 Japan $5.13 USA $14.5 TOTAL GDP (trillion USD) Snapshot of the GDP of emerging markets as well as more mature markets PER CAPITA INCOME 0% 50% INDIVIDUAL United Kingdom TAX RATES 30% 0% India I 0% 45% China 5% 50% Japan 0% 27.5% Brazil 13% Russia 0% 35% United States 45% France SOCIAL LCAST The Transforming Working-Age Population (1990 - 2010) Change in Available Worker Population Shrinking (-25% to 0%) Slow Growth (0% to 25%) lerate Growth (25% to 50%) Too Fast to Absorb (50% to 100%) Average Number of Hours Worked Per Week CAST soCIAL UK 32 hrs USA 35 hrs Japan 34 hrs France 30 hrs *Data not available for Brazil, Russia, India, and China France 30 Mandatory Paid Vacation Days Brazil 30 ** USA India 12 Russia 28 UK 28 Japan 10 China SOCIAL CAST Retirement Age France 59 USA 65 UK 63 Brazil 65 Japan 70 India 58 China 60 Russia 65 And the Award Goes to... USA FRANCE / BRAZIL JAPAN JAPAN /U.K. BIGGEST WORKAHOLICS TOP VACATIONERS SHORTEST RETIREMENT MOST TAXED (Most Mandatory Paid Vacation Days) (Highest Required Retirement Age) (Highest Individual Tax Rate) (Long Hours, But High Pay) Of the eight above countries, Japan and U.S. workers may French and Brazilian people are allowed up to a month's worth of paid vacation days. Addition- ally, French employees work fewer average hours per week than their foreign counterparts. Most of the eight profiled countries set the retirement age at around 65, but Japan takes the cake with its minimum retirement endure comparatively long work hours, but they also receive relatively high pay. the U.K. suffer the highest individual tax rates, ranging up to 50%. age of 70. *All countries tied, each with a statutory retirement age of 65. SOCIALCAST SOCIALCASTOAL SOCIALCAST ICA SOCIALCAST CAT SOCIALCAST O O SOCIALCAST SOURCES: LCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCST SOCIALCAST SOALCAST SOCIALCASTOCALCAST SOCIALCASTOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS ALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CAST SOCIALCASTOLCAST SOCI | OECD | Harris Interactive SOCIALCASTOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST O A soc Stanford Center on Longevity. "Population Age Shifts Will Reshape Global Workforce." 2010. oCIALCAST SOCALCAS SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST OCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CAST SOCIALCASTOLCAST SOCIA © 2011 SOCIALCAST INC. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS HEREIN ARE RECOGNIZED TO BE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. soCIALCASToCAT SOCIALCAST SOCIALCASTsoCIALCAST SOCIALCAST sOCIALCASTsoIALCAST SOoCIALCAST CAST SOCIALCASTOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCASTSOCIALCAS SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCASTSOCIALCAST CAST SOCIALCAST SOCALCAST SOCIALCAST LCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST sOCIALCAST A SOCIALCAST France $43,250 XXXXXX USA $47,920 Russia $8,480 Brazil $8,480 Japan $40,440 China $4,170 India $1,240 UK $36,250 %24 XXXXXX

The Working World

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From Japan to Brazil, here's a glimpse at the economic conditions affecting workers around the world.


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