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The Wonderful Uses Of Siler

The wonderful uses of SILVER Silver is one of the most important substances on earth. Its electrical and thermal conducting properties are among the best of the known elements, making it perfect for a variety of electrical uses, not to mention it's contributions to modern medicine and everyday life. Meet Silver! Silver's atomic number is 47 A MA VA VIA 47 Ag AG Silver's atomic symbol, Ag, comes from the Latin word for silver, Argentums. MB Silver 107.87 Re Au Silver's melting point is 961.8 °C Dv The atomic weight of Silver is 107.8682 There is approx 17x more silver than gold in the world Dictionary No English word rhymes with the word silver! Medicine Silver is an antimicrobial substance and is used throughout industry for dressings and coatings equipment. Early X-ray film also used silver halides to the medical on surgical create the image. Solar Panels Electrical Switches Silver has one of 90 % of crystalline silicon photo-voltaic cells, (the most common cell) use silver paste and over 100 million ounces of silver are projected for use by solar the highest conductivity rates of any metal, which makes it a energy in 2015 great component in electrical switches - from your bedroom light to the buttons on your microwave! Mirrors Mirrors are made by applying a reflective backing to glass or plastic. Silver replaced the use of harmful Mercury in early mirrors, in the 19th century. Photography Photographic film is coated in silver halides producing crystal clear imaging. Automotive Silver is used in heating your rear windscreen. The super conductive metal is sandwiched into Its high melting point also makes it perfect for keeping bearings lubricated within the glass in a grid pattern to keep you engine. O frost-free in the winter Combined with Sources other materials, silver plays an integral part in protecting spacecraft from solar radiation. Combined with aluminum, it forms the world's strongest alloy and is used throughout the air force. PHYSICAL GOLD LTD SECURE YOUR WEALTH AND FUTURE Visit The Gold and Silver Investment Experts at 回国 口 口

The Wonderful Uses Of Siler

shared by sheldrickb on Jan 20
Silver has been mined for many years now, and more than ever the demand for the commodity metal is growing as this infographic explains. We are now using silver in more and more industries such as ...


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