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Why an Independent Scotland will Prosper

IT ALL ADDS UP TO YES Westminster isn't working for Scotland's economy. Our wealth is not shared fairly - a very few at the very top get most of the benefit. And a one-size-fits-all UK economic strategy isn't making the most of Scotland's strengths for the benefit of the Scottish people Yes - WHY AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND WILL PROSPER - YesScotland 8th richest Strong economy Food & drink £39bn £10bn industry An independent Scotland would be the eighth wealthiest of the world's advanced economies: the UK would be the seventeenth Source: OECD As well as its oll, gas and renewable energy, Scotland has thriving food & drink, tourism, construction and agriculture sectors which are worth more than £39 billion a year Our food & drink industry is worth £10 billion. Whisky exports alone are worth £4.2 billion - a quarter of UK food and drink exports Even our opponents agree Huge green energy resources We pay more tax than the rest of the UK... 'It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another. successful independent country." Scotland (25%) I Rest of Europe (75%) O DAVIDCAMERON, 2007 "Now our case is not that Scotland cannot survive as a separate state. Of course it could." E9,000 each £10,700 each ALISTAIR DARLING, 2012 Scotland is perfectly capable of being an independent nation... There are many independent countries in the world which have a lot less going for them" REST OF THE UK SCOTLAND We have 25% of Europe's offshore wind and tidal energy potential. By 2050 our offshore renewables could be worth £14bn a year Since 1980-81, total tax revenue per head in Scotland has been on average £800 a year higher than the UK as a whole LORD NIGEL LAWSON,2012 Performance Prosperity Innovation Small countries perform very well. Because we do not have full control of our economy, countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland are leaving us behind "By international standards Scotland is a wealthy and productive country,"- the report of the Fiscal Commission Working Group published in February 2013 Four of Scotland's universities are rated as being in the top 100 in the world for science. And from the Higgs boson to Dolly the sheep, Scottish scientists are at the forefront of major discoveries Find out more: Join the debate:

Why an Independent Scotland will Prosper

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Wesminster isn't working for Scotland's economy - here are just a few of the many reasons why an independent Scotland will prosper.


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