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Which Superhero Has The Worst Credit Rating?

SUPERHERO ECONOMICS WHICH SUPERHERO HAS THE WORST CREDITRATING? IRONMAN REAL NAME: Anthony Edward 'Tony' Stark IDENTITY: Publically Known PLACE OF BIRTH: Long Island, New York OCCUPATION: CEO of Stark Industries BACKGROUND INFO: From a very young age A SELF MADE SUPERHERO WITH HIS OWN BUSINESS. Tony was obsessed with building and controlling machines. He was the son of Howard Stark and when Tony reached 21 he inherited his father's business In a matter of years, Tony transformed his father's company into a multi-billion dollar industry. 'Stark Industries'. After an attack at one of his international plants left Tony with a piece of shrapnel lodged very close to his heart, he dedicated his time to developing Stark Industries' main battlesuit he contracts were for advanced had been designing, the suit would be military weaponry munition for the US Government. equipped with a magentic field generator to stop the shrapnel from reaching his heart. And the first Iron Man suit was born. THE COST OF BEING IRON MAN. Being a multi-billionaire / superhero, you may think Stark would have very little money worries and therefore an excellent credit rating. However once you've added up the cost of all the technology, the property, the cars, the suits, the gadgets, the cost of being Iron Man is pretty phenomenal: £1,029,437,579.03 to be exact SPIDER-MAN REAL NAME: Peter Benjamin Parker IDENTITY: Secret PLACE OF BIRTH: Forest Hills, New York OCCUPATION: freelance photographer / scientific researcher A QUALIFIED SUPERHERO. Parker graduated from high-school with a scholarship to the Empire State University and several years later left ESU with a degree. Background Info: Spider- For many years, Man or Peter Parker when Peter wasn't inherited his super fighting crime or his nemesis the powers after being bitten by an irradiated spider. GREEN GOBLIN he was a freelance When his Uncle Ben was photographer for the Daily Bugle - not a steady wage for killed by a burglar he vowed to only use his Spider-Man... powers to protect spurred on by his Uncle's words, With great power comes great HOWEVER. responsibility'. Peter later acquired a great job at Horizon Labs where his brillaint scientist skills earned BUT. him a steady wage packet Could his years as a freelancer, funding the creation of his own suits, have affected that credit rating? BATMAN REAL NAME: Bruce Wayne IDENTITY: Secret PLACE OF BIRTH: Gotham OCCUPATION: CEO of Wayne Enterprises CEO OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY.. Wayne Enterprises was founded by ancestors of the Wayne family in the 17th Century and by the 21lst Century the company had an annual income of BACKGROUND INFO: Wayne 's parents Martha and Thomas, were murdered on Crime £63.8 BILLION Alley when he was a child. From that point Bruce vowed he would never let anyone suffer the way he PRETTY HEALTHY CREDIT RATING, RIGHT? had. He trained his mind and his body for the evils that lay ahead. Perhaps not when you look at the sheer cost of being Batman, not to mention that hidden identity of his: Total Cost of Vehicles £51873.920 The Bat Cave and the Mansion cost a total of £ 389.054.400 Total Cost of Gadgets £7.00+ Not forgetting the annual running costs £23.991 a SUPERMAN REAL NAME: Clark Kent IDENTITY: Secret PLACE OF BIRTH: Krypton OCCUPATION: Reporter BACKGROUND INFO: Superman is the last son of the dead planet of Krypton. Fearing the planet was going to explode, Supe rman's father rocketed him away to planet Earth where he was taken in by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Growing up Clark realised he had super powers, he decided to use them to help people and ultimately become a hero. FITNESS COSTS. Keeping your body as buff as Superman's must CLOTHES. come at a cost. Clothes have undoubtedly got to be Clark's biggest expenditure! All those times he speedily changes into his Superman suit, leaving his clothes in phone boxes and such like. Clark's either got to pay out for a monthly gym membership or build his own gym in order to keep a low profile. Having to replace his suit, shirt HAIR GEL. It would take a lot of expensive hair products to keep that iconic slick hairdo in place whilst he and tie on a daily basis must get pretty expensive. THE MAINTENANCE COSTS OF BEING SUPERMAN MUST BE PRETTY HIGH HOWEVER HE DOES SAVE A LOT OF MONEY ON TRAVEL EXPENSES flies across America at sonic speed. AND THE SUPERHERO WITH THE WORST CREDIT RATINGIS. SUPERMAN SPIDERMAN COMES IN AT A VERY CLOSE SECOND, BUT HIS SUCCESS AS A SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHER SAVED HIM FROM THE TITLE. ALTHOUGH HE DOESN'T HAVE FLASH CARS, INCREDIBLE GADGETS AND A VERY EXPENSIVE SUIT, IT DOES STILL COST A LOT TO BE SUPERMAN. MAINTAINING THAT ICONIC LOOK AND OF COURSE KEEPING CLARK KENT'S TRUE IDENTITY HIDDEN. WITH A LOW INCOME PROVIDED BY THE DAILY PLANET HE'S SURE TO HAVE A LESS THAN HEALTHY CREDIT RATING, EVEN MORE SO GIVEN THAT HE HAS TWO IDENTITIÉS. OAspireMoney is a loan brokering service This infographic was bought to you by Aspire Money - the people who go further to help you get the loan you deserve, regardless of your credit rating. Image Sources:

Which Superhero Has The Worst Credit Rating?

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Having a good credit rating is key for all manner of different reasons, yet how do some of our favourite superheroes do when it comes to their credit score? This infographic takes a jovial look at the...




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