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Where Is The Oil?

WHERE IS THE OIL? Have you ever wondered where the world's oil comes from and where it goes? Perhaps not surprisngly, the rates at which various countries produce and corsume oil are not always proportionate. The graphic below ilustrates the rise of global oil production, and highlights the greatest producers and consumers in the world today. World Production 72.3 MILLION BARRELS/DAY 1999 World Production 74.8 MILLION BARRELS/DAY WORLD CRUDE OIL PRODUCTION Asia Pacific Africa Middle East Europe And Eurasia South And Central America North America 2009 2001 World Productior 79.9 MILLION BARRELS/DAY World Production 74.8 MILLION BARRELS/DAY Milion Barreis/Day 30 20 World Production 82.0 MILLION BARRELS/DAY 2008 2002 World Production 74.5 MILLION BARRELS/DAY World Production 81.4 MILLION BARRELS/DAY 2007 2003 World Production 76.9 MILLION BARRELS/DAY World Production World Production 815 MILLION BARRELS/DAY 80.3 MILLION BARRELS/DAY 2006 2004 2005 World Production 81.2 MILLION BARRELS/DAY TOP 5 OIL PRODUCING COUNTRIES TOP 5 OIL CONSUMING COUNTRIES 2) RUSSIA 98 million barrels/day 5) RUSSIA 29 mi (3) JAPAN 48 millicn barrels/day 3 u.s. 85 million barrels/day 1 u.S. 19.5 million barrels/day 5 CHINA 2 CHINA 4.0 million barrels/day 78 millian barrels/day 4 IRAN 4.2 million bertels/day INDIA 3 milion barrels/day 1 SAUDI ARABIA 108 million barrels/day WORLD CRUDE OIL RESERVES 4,950,000 19,418,697 1500 WORLD 1333.1 NUMBER OF BARRELS PRODUCED BY THE UNITED STATES EACH DAY NUMBER OF BARRELS CONSUMED BY THE UNITED STATES EACH DAY Asia Pacific 1200 WORLD 1085.6 Africa PRODUCTS MADE FROM A SINGLE BARREL OF CRUDE OIL WORLD 1006.4 A 42 gallon barrel of U.S. crude oil provides more than 44 gallons of petroleum products. The process by which crude oil is obtained from a single barrel is similar to what happens to popcorn: it gets bigger after it is opened. OTHER DISTILLATES 1.24 gallons HEAVY FUEL OIL 1.68 gallons LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GASES 1.72 gallons Middle East JET FUEL 3.91 gallons OTHER PRODUCTS 600 6.8 gallons GASOLINE 19.36 gallons Europe And Eurasia 300 South And Central America DIESE 10.04 galons North America mintcom 1989 1999 2009 SOURCES: || | U.S. Dept. af Energy Review (June 2009) Thousand Million Barrels

Where Is The Oil?

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Have you ever wondered where the world’s oil comes from — and where it ends up? The list of the world’s top five producing and top five consuming countries may look similar, but compare the rate...



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