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What's The Cost Of Disasters On Our Cities

Each year, natural and manmade disasters cause crippling energy and communication outages that devastate entire cities, industries and financial markets WHAT'S THE COST OF DISASTERS on ouk Citres ररण If the Past Predicts the Future Disasters Have A Dramatic Financial Impact on World Markets Stockmarket Reactions Performance after selected disasters, pervious day's close=100 - Japan earthquake, 2011 (Nikk el 225) - Kobe earthquake, 1995 (Nikkei 225) - Pearl Harbour, 1941 (Dow Jone Industrial Average) - Indian Ocean tsunami, 2004 (Sri Lanka All Share) - September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks (S&P 500) Hurricane Katrina, 2005 (S&P 500) 105 100 95 90 85 80 Trading days after event The Cost of Catastrophes HURRICANE SANDY Insured losses, $billion, 2012 prices TOHOKU EARTHQUAKE I HURRICANE IKE $140 HURRICANE KATRINA Weather-related Man-made $120 Earthquakes HURRICANE IVAN $100 SEPTEMBER 11th ATTACKS $80 NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE HURRICANE ANDREW $80 %2440 $20 1970 75 80 85 90 95 2000 05 10 12 Natural Disasters a Big Threat In the coming years, annual global losses from earthquakes and cyclones alone will amount to $180 billion In 2011 2010 thru 2012 Floods in Thailand shut 1,000 700 natural disasters were factories and forced more than registered worldwide affecting over 700,000 people 450 million out of work people In 2012 alone 2000 thru 2012 Economic losses from natural Natural disasters catastrophes and man-made cost global economy disasters reached $186 Billion $2.5 Trillion Business Systems at Risk Telecommunications & Power Infrastructures PAR NERG The US Department of Energy power outage cost estimates IED SEATE SOF AMER $80 Total Economic Impact Billion Power costs represent 30% of total network operating costs For some wireless operators 70% of the trouble tickets are power-related Widespread outages of 9-1-1 emergency services In 2012, a Derecho caused avoidable 9-1-1 outages in the Midwest & mid-Atlantic regions 3.6 Million People Impacted 77 Call Centers Failed To Respond 17 Call Center Lost Service Completely What Can We Do to Prepare for the Next One? Service providers are facing never-ending demands on their communication networks including the growth of mobility and data usage and more rigorous network security * 100% 3:48 PM Wireless & Internet Disaster Facts 000 CELL ? U.S. network outage rate doubled during Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy rendered at least 25% of cell sites inoperable in a 10-state area Citi's mobile banking generated $10 million in transactions during Hurricane Sandy AT&T estimated that it has invested more than $600 million in its disaster response program Moore, Oklahoma Tornado: AT&T reported mobile call attempts surged to more than 13X normal 74% of people who post a need on social media during a disaster expect a response within an hour Federal Communications Commission ONUNICATIONG proposes strengthening communications USA Certification Audit Reporting Backup Power Reliable Network Monitoring Resilient Network Monitoring Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) The FCC established the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) to allow wireless service providers choosing to participate to send emergency alerts to their subscribers Disaster and Emergency Warning network The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of the disaster management center in Sri Lanka sends alerts to emergency responders and the public Mobile Collaboration Jigsaw Consult, funded by the Vodafone Foundation, is finding new and better methods of collaboration between humanitarian agencies, mobile operators and governments Surveillance in Post Extreme Emergencies and Disaster (SPEED) Supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), uses SMS / text messages on mobile phones or the internet to alert emergency health officials to dangerous situations Balloon-Based Wireless Networks Oceus Networks worked with the Federal Communications Commission to demonstrate feasibility of high altitude balloons at "near-space altitude" to carry LTE signals to public safety responders in disaster areas Free SMS Text in Haiti During Disasters US State Department enables post-disaster communications and assistance Jabil's Working On The World's First Smart Grid System for Telecoms A smart energy grid that: * Connects to renewable energy sources Provides backup power to hospitals and other emergency responders Controls advanced batteries that use grid power to charge Runs select systems when grid power is unavailable Distributed power generation from fuel cells, solar thermal generating stations, photovoltaic fields, wind farms, diesel and natural-gas-fired turbines Produces and shares power flexibly to customers based on real-time software intelligence FCC-compatible Network Outage Reporting System and Disaster Information reporting JABIL www.JA BIL.CO M Jabil's unique combination of global expertise, ingenuity, analytics and financial performance has contributed to the success of the world's most well known brands. We help companies design, build and take their products to market quickly, affordably and efficiently. But more than that, Jabil helps customers intelligently design their supply chains to be agile, economical and effective even in uncertain times. SOURCES http://energy.govloe/downloads/review-power-outages-and-restoration-following-june-2012-derecho http:/ duction. jhtml COMMUN FEDERAL COMMISSION

What's The Cost Of Disasters On Our Cities

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Each year, natural and manmade disasters cause crippling energy and communication outages that devastate entire cities, industries and financial markets.




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