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Wage Theft & Abuse in Michigan

WAGE THEFT & ABUSE IN MICHIGAN WHAT EMPLOYEES NEED TO KNOW Employees in the U.S. have a right to be paid promptly for the work they perform. Employers must pay at or above the mandated minimum wage, and they cannot force employees to perform work off the clock. FLSA and State Wage and Overtime Laws The federal Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) protects workers' rights to wages and overtime. States also have their own laws covering employee compensation. The FLSA permits states to set higher minimum wage and $7.25 1.5x PER HOUR REGULAR PAY overtime pay rates than the federal The federal minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees is $7.25 per hour. Those workers are minimum. entitled to an overtime rate of least one-and-one-half times their regular pay. WHEN WAGE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES AND LAWS APPLY PAYROLL: The FLSA generally applies to employers with at least two employees The FLSA and state wage who gross $500,000 or more per year. laws do cover not all employees. Exceptions exist, such as: SCOPE OF PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: The FLSA may not apply if your SE employer only does business in one state and only produces goods for sale and use in that state. The FLSA and most state laws do not require employers to Pay a higher wage to work on weekends or Provide paid sick leave or vacation time Offer meal and rest breaks holidays Overtime Exemptions UNDER THE FLSA, WORKERS WHO SERVE IN CERTAIN FUNCTIONS MAY BE EXEMPT FROM OVERTIME. Employees in those positions must: Earn at least $684 Be in a role that 1 2 per week (an annual salary of $35,568) requires they exercise discretion and independent judgment. SOME WORKERS WHO MIGHT BE EXEMPT FROM OVERTIME INCLUDE: Computer analysts, Executives, programmers, professionals, & software engineers, administrative or others in the personnel computer field Police, firefighters, Outside paramedics, other salespersons first responders Examples of Wage Violations $15 Each year, employees in the U.S. lose an estimated $15 billion in compensation due to wage theft and abuse. Unpaid wages and overtime among employers in the ten most BILLION populous states account for more than half of that figure. WHETHER INTENTIONALLY OR NEGLIGENTLY, EMPLOYERS VIOLATE WAGE AND OVERTIME LAWS WHEN THEY: Pay employees an hourly 1 rate below minimum wage Fail to pay employees for 2 all hours worked Fail to pay employees the proper rate for overtime 3 hours worked Misclassify workers as 4 exempt employees Require workers to perform 5 "off the clock" work Fail to reimburse employees 6. for mileage and other work-related expenses Improperly charge employees for uniforms, equipment, 7 or other necessary work-related items When employers unlawfully deny or withhold employees' wages and overtime pay, Sommers SOMMERS SCHWARTZ Schwartz holds those employers accountable by brining individual and class action lawsuits to get workers the compensation they deserve. If you LAW OFFICES feel your employment rights have been violated, talk to an attorney at 1.866.430.5556

Wage Theft & Abuse in Michigan

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0 comments Employees in the U.S. have a right to be paid promptly for the work they perform. Employers must pay at or above the mandated minimum w...




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